See The Most Paid Nigerian Musicians In 2016 (With Pictures)


Most Paid Nigerian Musicians – It’s here finally, as T.I.N Magazine brings you facts and rankings about the highest paid musicians in Nigeria for year 2016.

So here we are going to list out the Top Ten Nigerian artistes that made the highest money within the past 12 months; which is from December 1st. last year to November 30, 2016.

Here we are going to rank them according to how much they made from:
– Digital sales (iTunes, Music+, YouTube)
– Shows (How much they charged for shows and how often they were called)
– Concerts + Tours (How big their concerts&tour were)
– Brand endorsements (How many and how huge)
Withing the past 12 months.



Korede loved by his “bellovers”, we can tell for sure the cute singer made most of his money within the last 12 months from digital sales. Not all his singles were hits in Nigeria this year but he sold a lot on digital platforms, the singer has quite a lot of fans internationally so they often buy his songs and watch his music videos a lot on YouTube. Korede didn’t get called for many shows but he had a few. The singer also has an active endorsement deal with the telecom giant GLO.
Estimated 2016 earnings is between: 60 – 100 million naira.

Remember he is signed to a record label so the earnings were shared between him his label.

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