LADIES! 6 Shocking Things That Happens To Your Weight When You Stop Having Sex


We’re already in a sex drought and now we ALSO are gaining weight? It seems rather unfair. And it’s sad but true that there’s a lot of elements of having sex (or NOT having sex) that can impact our weight.

A romp in the sack is great cardio, and aside from making us burn calories, it can be awesome for our metabolism and keep us fit. But it’s more than that! Feeling sexy and wanted is good for our self-esteem and confidence, and will lead to us feeling better about ourselves, acting in a healthier way for our body.

And when sex stops? We may be replacing that orgasm with Oreos. True story. 

If you find yourself going through a sex drought and reaching for the sugar or carbs (or the endless bottles of wine), you aren’t alone. It’s a vicious cycle, and the longer we go without getting any, the worse it will ultimately be.

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