Terry G: ” I will Rather Be A Rich Mad Man Than Poor And Handsome “


The singer ordered the DJ to stop the music in the middle of his performance at Oga Madam 2014 to make a ‘mad man’s speech’

Nigerian music act Terry G has confirmed he is a ‘mad man’.

The star – who was dressed in a white t-shirt, black leather pants, face cap and wrapped a check over sized shirt around his waist – had one of the best performances at the 2014 Oga Madam Live On Stage Comedy Concert in Lagos over the weekend.

During his performance, the “Free Madness” hit-maker asked the DJ to stop the music. Breathing heavily and counting his hand bells on the floor, he told the crowd why he believes being a ‘mad man’ is a blessing.

He said:

“I am mad… It’s the madness that gives me money. I was as responsible as I used to be, I wouldn’t have the money I have now… So, I thank God for making me MAD.”

As the crowd flew into estacy, the ‘Akpako’ crooner continued by dishing out what we describe as Terry G’s words of wisdom. He said:

“It’s better for me to be a rich mad man than to be a handsome poper!”

Terry G has blamed his ‘eratic’ behavior on the use of weed which he claims he was introduced to it by an unidentified Nollywood actress.

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