10 Reasons “Naughty” Ladies Always Seem To Get What They Want


If you’re wondering why those naughty ladies seem to get their way when you’re barely scraping by, these reasons will shed some light on just that. It’s no secret that naughty women are basically taking over. While the good girls might be getting by with a better reputation, the naughty ones are getting exactly what they want. And you know what? It might not seem very fair but there are reasons they’re the ones getting away with what they want.

And there’s a reason you’re falling behind in comparison. It doesn’t really have much to do with how good or naughty you are, actually. It has to do with the qualities naughty girls possess that you’re holding back.

The reason men are drawn to naughty women the most

Sure, some guys say they like the “good girls” but really, most men are drawn to the edgy, naughtier women. It’s not necessarily because they think they’ll get laid by getting with a naughty woman but has more to do with the fact that those women don’t mess around.

They want what they want and they’ll be sure to tell them. It’s that confidence they’re drawn to. It’s badass and makes them genuinely more attractive. So if you think a guy likes a naughty girl because he thinks he’ll get laid, think again. There’s a lot more to it than that. [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy wants in his girl]

Why do naughty women always seem to get what they want?

It’s the question on every good girl’s mind and honestly, it’s a good one. How come these women who are on the naughtier side always get just what they want? Here’s why – and it might not be what you think.

#1 They’re confident as hell. If you’re a good girl, you can still be confident but you probably don’t have the same level of confidence as naughty women. Meaning, you don’t ooze it like they do. When you have so much confidence it radiates off of you, it makes people want to follow you and listen to you.

And that’s exactly how naughty women seem to get their way. When they talk, people listen and they do whatever it is they’re asking. People who have that level of confidence can always get their way when they try hard enough. 

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