Davido vs Wizkid – 10 SOLID Reasons Why Davido Is Better Than Wizkid (With Pictures)

Davido Vs Wizkid

The ‘war’ between Davido and Wizkid would probably last till the end of their careers. The competition between both acts has divided the pop music base in Nigeria with half repping Omo Baba Olowo, and the other half holding it down for Wizzy.

Yesterday we brought you five reasons why Wizkid is better than Davido. Today, on Omo Baba Olowo’s born day, we give you five reasons why he is better than Wizzy.

Davido Vs Wizkid - 10 SOLID Reasons Why Davido Is Better Than Wizkid [With Pictures] 4

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1. Davido Obviously Has More Money

Davido Vs Wizkid - 10 SOLID Reasons Why Davido Is Better Than Wizkid [With Pictures] 1

When it comes to the money war, Davido is holds the bigger gun. Being the son of a multi-millionaire makes him a very rich individual based off his future inheritance. Before the release of his first album, he moved into a mansion. Wizkid rented a house in Lekki after considerable success after his first album was released. Davido’s money count is just too much for Wizzy to match. Let’s not forget that Davido is making good money off music.

Davido Vs Wizkid - 10 SOLID Reasons Why Davido Is Better Than Wizkid [With Pictures] 1 Davido Vs Wizkid - 10 SOLID Reasons Why Davido Is Better Than Wizkid [With Pictures] 2


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  1. All this war should be stopped, wht nigerians want is to see our musician collaborate to form more economy for nigeria. U guys are all broader.

  2. You falz, stop comparing anyone, try to mind your business and concentrate on how to make it big like davido n wizkid than causing argument between fans. If you don’t have anything doing, get busy

  3. WTF falz I regret liking dis ur modafuking page aren’t u ashamed of ur self dude, act like a grown up dude

  4. I luv Davido,especially his one dimpled cheek nd his eyes,wowU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f60dU0001f61aU0001f61aU0001f61aU0001f61a.His music nd videos r superbU0001f60bU0001f60bU0001f444U0001f496

  5. Ooops….I prefer wizkid to anybody nd every one has a special way of singing dat makes it unique xo is betta nt to compere….

  6. hmmmm dis is serious o well I go 4 Davido cus I really luv d way he sings , dinples , lips every is just dat u are nt calm wen singing dat is wot wizzy has dat u don’t have pls try and ammend dat as 4 wizkid I don’t like cuz he only sing about does nt even tink and 1 nice song hiss bt it nt up 2 u guys posting dis they are both a leader in their industry and wizkid is too proud 4 my liking dat nt gud of him

  7. Falz I liked your page because I thought you are bigger than this. Grow up and write something worth reading and please stop all these worthless post. Guy try nah

  8. Oh k… if say na your family member you’ll not say use such words on him. People like you are ungrateful tell me you didn’t love this tune when he brought them out holla at your boy,pakurumo,love my baby,tease me,wizkid you really dance to this song buh ungrateful people like you will say his to proud.. if he toast you now you know go gree@shola

  9. Buh richer than your boyfriend dey form big girl like say if hin toast you, you no go gree@agwu nkem

  10. I hate the word ‘better than’ can’t you prefer one and respect the other? I love wizkid and I respect Davido that’s me bro@ Atu Emmanuel

  11. lols I will becus he is a celebrity dat y wen he release all does song I like dem bt nw he does nt gud songs again and 2 be sincere he is proud bt u won’t dat it becus he is ur fan if u are angry 4 saying don’t be am sorry ok

  12. this not war is childishness sorry to say is the truth dey are just clamming they didn’t teach them the principal of u been a musician is not all about fight is all about who u are to people and hw people look at u and were u stand in music industry too much boosting is not good

  13. Hate David O cause he carry’s prostitute’s and wizkid cause his too full of himself and his name stands for WIZIKID: wizards kid

  14. You dey form worthless big girl like say if one of them toast you,you no go agree.. na una dey go show cry for them una go still insult them@Anisha favour

  15. If people want to talk about comparison I think wizkid is better than Davido if it has to do with who’s rich it would be Davido because his dad is also rich so of course wizkid isn’t rich and second when it comes to music I’m sorry Davido but Wizkid has you beat he’s over there grinding everyday not have to worry about signing people and keeping an eye on anyone but his music and the fans that’s why his music is 2nd on Billboards in America while Davido is still in Nigeria working on Mayorkun and another artist he signed and his cousin BRED

  16. Richer than all ur entire family#Agwu am sure non of ur family has entered a private jet non of ur family az ever featured on TV non of ur family can afford zanotti non of ur family has an house in texas and lekki non of ur family b*tc*

  17. U her so pointless doh u know this people personally if davido carry’s prostitute like u said y he deah vex u if wiz is so full of himself y the hate u just so irrelevant

  18. Ambrose doh u stil chill wit ur day one broz i mean like secondary all oh guy u pointless we all grow_what ur business sef with is personal life

  19. Any body dat said dis is an enemy of #wizkid ,,4me wizkid is far more better dan davido.davido has done notin in nigerian music industry.

  20. Well to me Davido is kind of cool, he looks matured nd responsible nd i won’t Compare him to wizkid cuz every one got their own swag.

  21. I think wizkid is beta dan davido .david love braging while wizzy love the street and his music is far beta dan dat of davido .

  22. All of you just they fool yourself.i prefer my davido to wizkid.some of wizkid song dont have meaning and also wizkid dont dress responsible.davido dress more matured.ONE LOVE TO DAVIDO

  23. well as 4 me o wizzy is still beta dan davido, davido is just 2 proud 4 my liking,he always boast of is money nd no be him d richest person 4 nigeria o

  24. Oops slow down sis. You dont need to waste time on dudes like him,you got great things ahead save that time sis@tumi olatipo

  25. Don’t use “better than” nobody is better than somebody just prefer one and respect the other@Ajos gods power

  26. See there is no comparism btwen davido ad wizkid cus wizkid is greater than he davido his assets are many so davido has no crown there

  27. You don’t need to be on any social media platforms on earth not an insult buh an advice @ramsey Luis jnr

  28. 100% I agree buh no one thing rags to riches is the story teller.. you are a hustler isn’t it? Buh you gonna tell you story one day that’s the definition of life..ni ojuelegba den no my story.. what’s gonna be David’s own??@auta

  29. No one is better then older everyone have their way of being better so for me i tink the both are better 100% sure jboy say so

  30. Michael Kingsley Ignatius shut your crusty ass ignoramus goat mouth up bruh. Before you reply with an uneducated response like bruh come at I’ll show u how to really speak correct gramma. FYI this is not even Tumi this is her friend Felix Oladoye

  31. U can still find the name of davido’s cousin,do wiskid have any……..he as blow from the street but still he cant carry the street along but still fronting is face…he is good i accept,but he does not remember is root….not knowing that without the root he is nothing..

  32. Both play gud music bt i like some of wizkid’s song too like ojuelegba though i dnt understand some of d tins he said bt i like d cool beat of d song.

  33. everybody on earth has gud n bad sides,davido u gan no tell us say u b eyanmayweather.. only u beat up taxi driver,fight immigration officer,hahaha.. U b gangster. Hadallah oga wizzy small small dey lash fans,they made u wat u are 2day.

  34. Spoil brat,if you a artist hw could they even sign you……mad man wey dey were pant….yesteday pikin insisting say he nor wor grow….brain like an half busicuit..rat as eaten half…….

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    • davido don dey court money wizkid never see 10 thousand for eye, person when they born for street you wan use am compare person when they born with silver spoon so make we think before we talk if not god wizzy for see they street by now


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