Wizkid vs Davido – 10 Reasons Why Wizkid Is Better Than Davido (With Pictures)


This is an ever trending topic in Nigeria and it doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon as both Davido & Wizkid are considered “Kings in their lane”.

The ‘war’ between Davido and Wizkid would probably last till the end of their careers. The competition between both acts has divided the pop music base in Nigeria with half repping Omo Baba Olowo, and the other half holding it down for Wizzy.

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Davido Vs Wizkid - 10 Reasons Why Wizkid Is Better Than Davido 11

Davido and Wizkid are probably the Biggest music artistes
below the Age of 25 that we have in the country now.The
constant argument amidst fans about who is better has
sparked a lot of controversies ,Blogs,threads and forums.

It’s tough to decide which act is better or ahead. Don’t worry in a two part series, Pulse Music will highlight the factors that makes each artist better than the other. Today, we give you 10 reasons why Wizkid is better than his arch-rival Davido.

1. Wizkid Has More Hits Than Davido

Davido Vs Wizkid - 10 Reasons Why Wizkid Is Better Than Davido 1

Davido and Wizkid are both extremely talented and gifted in the art of Music making. However, kudos must be given to Wizkid for writing his own songs, Davido is practically enjoying others people Shine and always in on song theft controversy or another ..we all know Wizkid’s Debut Album “Superstar” cannot be compared to Davido’s OBO album in terms of good music, sales, acceptance and awards.

Davido Vs Wizkid - 10 Reasons Why Wizkid Is Better Than Davido 2

This is not even up for dispute. Wizkid is perhaps Nigeria’s most prolific hitmaker. From his debut album, to the EME compilation album to his new projects, Wizkid has racked more hits that will last some artist’s entire career. Let’s not forget the songs he dropped in between albums such as ‘BABA NLA’ & So many more. Hit for hit, Wizkid is leading this race with a huge gap.

Davido Vs Wizkid - 10 Reasons Why Wizkid Is Better Than Davido 3

Till date, Nobody has accused Wizkid of stealing their
songs, from Azonto to On top ur Matter, Bombay ,One
Question, Baba Nla e.t.c ,everything is purely Wizkid’s hard working mind that writes and supplies us good and not stolen Music.


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  1. 4 wia..guy i beg.. Davido beta wizkid.. Davido songs dey mature..check is last track wit Olamide..dat guy has smtin up..4get say wizkid dey folow oyinbo..

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  3. Kai! Folarin my chairman.. I beg no bring division o! You should be a big broda here nah…I don’t support this move…why? Because they all have something in common. They are Baby daddies.

  4. akstually falz, maybe u are d next person Davido wud exchange blows with when he is aware of this post.

  5. I dont support any of you because you People are using us to cash fund allright but d only thing i know davido you U0001f44b a strong Men keep on movement sharp OBO d bades tbm.

  6. No body badda gon,wiskid sing afrobeat and afropop,davido sing dancehall and rnb pop…you can see they occupy different place in music… They both special artist nigeria will always be proud of..
    Dont gossip the ones that already there,gossip ur self who is on the way….. #upcoming
    i need help, #BIGTIMO is my name and i am a good rapper and also a dancehall singer.. Thanks alot..

  7. Wizkid is far far better than davido… Dem b mate before.. Just dat dem too dey proud, but davido own na excess… E can never sing with mentioning omo baba lowo…. Like say na only papa get money for dis country…. Less i forget, davido no get respect for elders…. Hehehehe…

  8. y u people duin lyk dis…wats ur own whether sm1 is good dan d oda..u beta be praying 2 ur god..awon ti ba tiwon de ibikan…jst be focus on ur future nd stop gossip about sm1 lyfs

  9. Mehn d both of dem work hand in hand…d both win all same award…d both future foreign musician,davido miggle w it foreign artist frm childhood,so stop d comparison plz to avoid mis-undastandin b/w famz

  10. Mentioning omo baba olowo that is #obo is that he is proud it is his intro thats wat i just want you to understand

  11. This is a very stupid topic. Davido is a man on his own while wizkid also a man of himself. Davido has his own weakness the same as wizkid so you don’t expect them to live life equally.

  12. I luv Davido cuz his vry kind hearted,infact his too much so no body should dare compare my Davido 2 anybody pls

  13. Pls guys u people should just stop dis u all no dat davido waz born with de silver spoon so no big dill abt it u cant comper wizkid to davido dey re men of dere own so stop diz drama pls

  14. Park well… Na only him papa get money for naija.. Abi e papa get money pass dangote or Mike adenuga… Mtcheew… Guy shift

  15. I believe if dangote’s son or daughter re into music, dey will use same intro as Davido does, so dt u sud nt be a problem, as fr me I like Davido nd WizKid

  16. I mean DAT #starboy#is more popular Dan davido,I didn’t say is nt popular but starboy own pass d #baddest#

  17. Buh is good if dey both reconnect deir friendship I love dem both together…… Don’t know if you guyz agree wif me ooooo

  18. Stupid topic. davido is a man on is own and whizkid is a man of his self, 2 difference so you can except them to live equally

  19. one thing we must have to know about this two gentle men is that the two of them are two different people from different family so their characters can never be the same.beside they must possess their own individual weak point so pls beware of ur comparison. @ falz u will still remain my main man-jamb question lolz shout out to my man falz

  20. but i don’t think that it’s a bad thing to be proud of wat ur dad has as a true son of d father ahahahahahahaha biko nyeme eko ooooo

  21. Baba kip shut…which kind popular b dah 1 na wey davido dey…..dem no born am well person wey no grow 4 u wan dey use am compare davido!!!2bad bro,d wiz wah eva sign LAX nd legendary his producer where dem dey nau????cc mayorkun nd dremo wey davido jes sign dey re making waves…… So gt dah into ya think skull dah dere z a BIG diff btwn DAVIDO nd da Boi u call wizzy.noba 2 pont of mine davido z truly a fada he doz nt joke wif his daughter nd his responsibilities buh u cc dah Boi wizzy na useless person na 2 born throw way na im e knw nd 2 f**k gehz dah z foolishness nd u claim 2 b matured…

  22. Davido is far better Davido has swag , he does not send anybody ,his not afraid of anybody ,is proud of his father’s wealth and acts as a true son of his father , Davido mingles with artist both home and away , lastly Davido is not afraid to sing anything on studio even though it is to the detriment of anybody example Mr dele na my boy dele na my boy and Davido is over confident

  23. D person or pple dat made d list re crazy I guess, can u compare a lion to a cat, abeg wu see truth make e talk, wizkid no reach davido shoe, he is still a kid lyk we all knw.

  24. I believe dat comparison is meant 4 objects nt humans. No 1 is born perfect therefore evry1 has a flaw. For me, Davido nd WizKid re both gud singers nd dey deserve 2 b appreciated. Luv u so much @falzdbahdguy

  25. Look at how u are insulting urself on guyz dat doesn’t know u, guyz that can’t help u ,guyz dat can’t even employ u as a house maid….u nid 2 grow n gossip/insult ur own life 2 b far better..

  26. E dne do abeg, wizkid nr fit b davido mate na play bring dat one, wizkid make e go holiday visit to chris brown, rite music gve drake make e sing nae una take dy compare street dog lyk davido, abeg e dne do o make una nr make me vex

  27. See did fool oo.. Dem know u too, naim u dey comment for their matter… Bitch learn to mind ur business

  28. what ever problems u guys hv had in dey pasts or present u should sort ur selves out cos it doesn’t make any sense on dey both of u.

  29. Why do people bring up stupid post to cus problem? The both of them are best in what they do period. Falz you should not encourage posts like this on your wall.

  30. Fariiz Zephyr who tell your papa may no get money, you don’t even have respect and you are talking about davido not having respect. Don’t insult davido bcs even his little daughter Imade get level and class pass you. Hater!!!

  31. I feel ur papa pain too… He is regretting y he didn’t avoid a disgrace like u ,with common gold circle of #50

  32. Blovie, if i no do those two fools like dat, dem no go learn to mind their business… Besides i no tag their names for my comment… No b by force to comment, and if u no like person comment, u ignore… Shikenah

  33. Wizkid is better than. Davido because he have respect imagine. Davido calling. Dele his boy U0001f466 because. Dele is his fathers. Friend abnormal

  34. Fariiz Zephyr I think you are the fool here, and foolishness runs in your generation and more of your generation to come, you just an empty vessel that doesn’t know your root.

  35. Mey una drink water ooo….if una wan ba2 we go provide una beta ref……….Falz u b barizta lawya….c wetin u cause

  36. Afta una mumu unasef finish for here falz go settle una trash with beta attention abi…..i go snashot una fyt con put am everywhere so una go collect d award of best comment fighter of d year

  37. Na ur papa i blame, time wey e take impregnate ur mama, how wish e use the time take rear chickens, e for no dey wretched now, e for don b millionaire… Disgusting olosho

  38. Davido don’t have respect for his elders .. he insults Nigeria girls every much Dat is why he like to singing with foreign

  39. I blame your mama for not flushing out. She for use the time to sell kernel for village. Like I said b4 you are waste dumped in a wastebin. I no sure if your papa know you….. Bastardized from a bastardized generation.

  40. The writer of dis yeye 10 reason is a stupid man/woman, y beefin davido bcos his father is rich. D writer Wat is ur name? Who knw u ? Yeye worry u

  41. take it easy pretty babes . . . .u gals are matured na . . . .haba! only God is without weakness . . . .every human has his or her own weaknesses . . . abeg lets stop ol dis insults. . , biko . .

  42. hahahaha i love this trend, but farriiz you look so innocent for your hit back insult. had it been am your suitor meenh i could have been disappointed by now…I thought you two are boys untill i check your profile

  43. Lol, see casting, the funniest part is that you guys are not recognized by David or wizkid, why waste your time for them, just forget.

  44. Have you even seen davido on stage singing life… Don’t you hear his voice like hoofer but wizkid own very cool sis..

  45. Dis is a dumb topic. We all knw dat dis 2 artiste are both unique in their own way soo wdf are we hassling ova. Am nt even a fan of any

  46. Wizkid ave fine voice but childish song but davido ave wot peoples desire to hear always in music

  47. Personal hatred if only u work with the same passion of hatred u have for wizkid u must be so rich by now

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  49. By far Wizkid is better that than a man who call is name Davido. Wizkid as talent on stage. No compare both of tgem together at all. From BABA NLA to DADDY O. Make I dance am.

  50. wizkid is the best who is davido motherfucker davido is an emty brain that makes lots of noise if u dnt support wizkid dnt drop any comment there


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