15 Scary Songs With Hidden Messages That Will Freak You Out – #1 Will Shock You! (With Pictures)


Scary songs with hidden messages – Satan was the driving force behind Rock music when it first came out; that is if you buy into what every scared parent thought as they were losing control of their child. As time went on some musicians, even today, played into this perception by hiding dark messages into their songs.

This was done through a procedure called Backmasking, which is essentially recording music that one hears when playing a song backwards. In the late 1800s, Thomas Edison, the genius who invented almost everything also invented the phonograph, a device that allowed sound to be recorded. He noted in his discoveries that even when playing the song backwards, the melodies were still sweet. It wasn’t until 80 years later that someone realized what Edison was talking about. In 1966, John Lennon  (while high on marijuana) decided to play his song Rain, backwards. The next day he introduced backward recordings on four different songs on the Beatles album Revolver. Soon after, every artist followed suit. Over time the messages just kept getting darker and darker, to the point where legislation almost passed banning the process.

This article is not only about playing music backwards. Even when playing a song forwards there are hidden messages perceived by the public. Not all messages are satanic in nature. Many are comical while others are downright disturbing. The biggest controversy over these messages is the idea of free speech. Musical artists, especially rock bands of the 70s/ 80s and modern hip-hop artists, openly mock the boundaries of common decency. The things that some of them say in song would get most of us banned and deemed as outcasts. Many artists hide behind free speech and claim that their music is all an act, and consumers buy into this concept. The more controversial the lyrics, the greater the profit. A whole different article can be created about modern songs that are misogynistic and violent. In the end though, these artists are probably right. If you don’t like it don’t buy it and the disgusting lyrics you hear will cease in music. Maybe one day that concept can be accepted in the mainstream, as political correctness has left those who disagree with the moral majority, with their mouths closed out of fear.

15. Cradle of Filth – You Might Get An Evil Curse

15 Scary Songs With Hidden Messages That Will Freak You Out – #1 Will Shock You! (With Pictures) 1

The band formed in 1991 and started out their careers performing black metal, later polishing it to a more commercial form. When the song, ‘Dinner at Deviant’s palace’ (released in 2007) is played backwards, one hears the lord’s prayer recited backwards. Although it is nothing special for many artists to mock christian beliefs and traditions, this one is quite scary for one reason. Satanic cults perform this ritual, known as the backwards blessing, each time they want to place an evil curse on someone or harm someone. Some even say that during the ritual, followers are soaked with urine, or drink urine out of the sacrament cup in place of wine. Of course, all of these rituals are alleged because no one ever records them, but nevertheless scary when someone wants to invoke them in a hidden message.

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