200 Muslim Youth Destroy Catholic Church For Worshipping On Friday [Pictures]


A few days after a female pastor in the Redeem Christian Church of God, Mrs. Eunice Olawale, was brutally killed by suspected Muslim extremists, about 200 Muslim youths on Friday attacked St. Philip’s Catholic Parish, Baki Iku, which is very close to Zuma Rock in Niger State, for worshipping on Friday.

According to eyewitnesses, some Catholics had gone to the church to pray and were attacked by the Muslims who claimed that Friday is their day of prayer and that the Church only has right to worship on Sundays.

200 Muslim Youth Destroy Catholic Church For Worshipping On Friday [Pictures] 1 200 Muslim Youth Destroy Catholic Church For Worshipping On Friday [Pictures] 2 200 Muslim Youth Destroy Catholic Church For Worshipping On Friday [Pictures] 3

Information gleamed from eyewitnesses said that the invaders destroyed Church properties, including doors and windows.

Although some soldiers managed to get there later, however, a lot of damage been done to the building, while the Christians ran away in different directions to avoid being killed.

Rev Fr. Luka Sylvester Gopep, the Vicar-General of the Diocese confirmed the incident.

According to him: “Sometime around 2pm, some Muslim youths in their hundreds left their Mosque after their Friday Jumat prayer and rushed to the Church premises, climbed the wall and destroyed everything in the Church: the windows, the alter, musical instruments, the chapel. The security man in the church premises was beaten to a pulp. Some women who were holding a prayer meeting were chased away. The seminarian who is resident in the premises was also beaten up and chased away,” he stated.

Just last week, Mrs Olawale, a mobile preacher of the Redeemed Christian Church of God was killed by some fanatical Muslims in Kubwa, FCT.

NewTelegraph/Photo credit: Stephen Ok Ogu

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  1. Satan is trying to create and unreachable bridge with all this out breaks off attacks on Christians by Muslims, so that instead of preaching the Bible, we result to retaliation by arms, and the bible says that the arm of flesh will fail, and the weapon of our warfare are not carnal, but its mighty through God to pulling down of the strong hold of the evil blood thirsty, sucking and spilling spirit of Islam. Church pls wake up

  2. Islam is a perfect religion that teaches Peace and love, and their is nothing like killing innocent people in islam, even its forbidden so if the northerners bahave irrational blame them not ISLAM
    abusing islam make you just like them and you know two negative can never make a positive…
    I will always remain a proud Muslimah

  3. Islam is a religion of peace just because a Muslim does an act that is considered bad does not give a sane human the right to think bad of Islam or think of other Muslims in a bad manner please. Islam does not encourage any act of unnecessary violence.

  4. everytime islam islam islam nah oly e nah waka cum kilode.enough z a enough we cristian nid to do sumtin o

  5. The Muslim leaders,President and sultans won’t condemn the act, since the inception of APC,you have been practicing your jihad on Christians…Christians will be forced to retaliate i can’t watch an Uncircumcised Philistines kill me before my time…

  6. The Muslim leaders,President and sultans won’t condemn the act, since the inception of APC,you have been practicing your jihad on Christians…Christians will be forced to retaliate i can’t watch an Uncircumcised Philistines kill me before my time…

  7. … Do u knw Hw christain countries like Israel. Palestine etc makes muslim suffer.. In Angola their president close down all mosques. Still Islam is d fastest growing religion in Usa nd Europe. Reports say muslim population will increase from 1.6 billion to 2.8 billion by 2050. #Islam the religion of peace#

  8. my problem is not with islam, my problem is d federal govt. what do de do about all this nothern violence? if it was non notherner, i knw dis country would have turned upside down. God is watching…

  9. u guyz just gratifying yourselves…is that the answer to the question falz asked.no one asked for that..what do you think about the killing is the question thats all!

  10. Islam is a devilish religion and even the muslims know that but they just don’t like hearing the truth…my advice for them is that they should accep jesus else hell is waiting for them

  11. Why is it that 90% of the killing and persecution are only in Islamic land? Both here in Nigeria and in almost all the Muslim country? Islamic religion is devilish my dear. U can’t hide urself in the sun. But believe me,all of us will face judgement before the creator

  12. I Wanted Blaming Myself 4 Liking This Page Any Way, It Seems Am Here To Correct Some Mistakes. Islam Is Peace, No Terrorist Except Those That Are Impersonating To Be A Muslim So As To Spoil The Good Name. And For Those Claming ‘Islam Is Devilish’ You Better Seek 4 Forgiveness, And Am Sure You’re Not Even Proud Of Your Religion If YoU Tell Us What Religion U Practice And I Will Give You Some Clue Or Signs That Such Religious Does Nt Exist #islam Is Peace-Peace Is Islam

  13. See dis fish callled faith…abi wat ur name..? I dont blaim u…die ad see who ad who will visit ur grave…bec dey said jesus died 4 u abi…dat allow u ppul 2 tink u going 2 heven…aya wat a pity….dama prophet Isa is coming back…u will all knw d truth soon…

  14. @ Daniel-Itunu Adebeshin, am not gratifying myself, my reply was because of the comments i met on the post.
    U pple should be careful and stop judging, God sees and knows everything even the hidden one, so stop judging, remember we will all accounts for our deeds and say on the judgement day
    Don’t finalized was you don’t know, what gave you the assurance that those youth were Muslims??? Their dress code, what the media says, or what you see yourself?? God is watching ooo

  15. @ Simons Chidiebere, who knows, maybe it was you Christian dats causes everything so that you can paint ISLAM black and gain more pple to your side? What am sure of is what is hidden to us is clear to the Creator.

  16. They are very confident that the so-called president of this great nation will not give a hoot! They feel they can do and undo but what they fail to know is that our Maker is alive and is watching. This battle is the Lord’s! Just watch out!

  17. Until Islamic leaders and clerics preach the thruth about Quran and pupblic awareness to the blind muslim. Whplo always fight for Mohamed. No one can fight for God. God himself have every power both in heaven and on earth. That is why you can never see Christians fighting. Our God is merciful and does not happy in the death of a sinners but to repent. Then if you now kill people you call infidel howw do you want to turn them to the right. If truly Islam is a peace then the leaders must preach peace but instead they preach against Christians in mosque when their fellow does not understand Quran.

  18. Islam is a religion of peace, Anybody who kill a soul created by Allah swt, is assumed to have killed the whole universe, this was said by Allah himself.So who are those people killing and called themselves Muslims,they are not becos they didn’t follow the words of their creator.Islam doesn’t teach violent.

  19. What i know is, for violence to b happening in ISLAMIC countries, has the back up of the opposite religion, so that they can paint us black and win souls.. OLORUN WA

  20. U other religions are the one killing yourselves, and blaming it on us so as to wins souls to your side
    Note: Allah has beautify and cleans ISLAM, no matter how hard you tried, u can’t never stain our purity.

  21. I am from Jos and I know and have experience what Islam preached and stand for,Islam doesn’t preach peace

  22. Miss what proof do you have to show that Islam does not teach peace try listening to Islamic sermons sure you will understand the religion better.. The word Islam itself comes from an Islamic word salam which means peace. Sense and logic can explain to you that Islam support peace and not violence.

  23. And for your second picture there is no way my faith in Islam will be complete if I do not believe in the prophet of Allah Isah (A.S) (JESUS).. I believe in him but not as you believe.. He to me is a messenger of Allah(God) and to you something different.

  24. My sympathies 2 d catholic church dat was destroyed, if any life lost my thier soul rest in peace. 4 d muslims dat commented, u guys nava show sympathy 4 dis niether do u condem dis act. But u only defend u religion yet people keep dieing in d name of islam. Only God can judge u. And 4 d christian,if we deside 2 kill as de do den we r no different 4rm dam. Only d last day can tell who ar Gods true ppl.

  25. Wow! I wonder y there are so many daft people in this world, young n adult,brothers n sisters we all know we have different behaviours ,m quite sure d both religion teaches unity n peace,so y the playful act. U all should pray that everyone should stay harmony

  26. If islam is a religion of peace, y s t dt 98% terrorists r muslims?? Y r dey killin us?? U r killin us yet our religion as christians wldnt allow us to fyt bck? So wich s mur peaceful?

  27. There is no peace in the world all because of this so called Muslim. The want to a Islamic world which can never be possible. I think I agree with the igbos who say we should separate cz if you look at it even from the political view, it all about Islamic agenda

  28. Go and seat down. Muslims is a dirty religion. So much blood has been sheared because of what u practice from ur Koran.


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