37 Years Old Nigerian Celebrity Genevieve Nnaji Set To Marry Her Younger Lover


Genevieve Nnaji will be 37 this year and time is no longer on her side. The Nollywood superstar has finally made up her mind to marry this year.

The actress, who is also a mother of one, is set to marry 29-year-old film maker Alhaji Ishaya Bako. Rumour has it that Genevieve is bound and determined to be Mrs. Bako and that she really want to be wedded in 2016 so badly.

The duo first became friends after the Imo state-born actress moved to Abuja from Lagos Island base about two years ago. They’ve worked on quite a number of projects together, with the latest being the critically acclaimed movie ‘Road To Yesterday’, which was directed by Ishaya Bako.

Genevieve Nnaji has previously been linked with several high profile and showbiz personalities

37 Years Old Nigerian Celebrity Genevieve Nnaji Set To Marry Her Younger Lover 1

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