4 Solid Reasons You Should Marry An Igbo Lady [Must See]


We Posted “5 Great Reasons Why You Should Marry A Yoruba Lady” and some MediaHoarders Readers started tagging us as “Tribalistic“. Well here is the Igbo version.. Enjoy.
While women from some tribes are believed to have certain skill sets, some are generally believed not to measure up to the standards of others because of a perceived trend. Many people analyse these behaviours based on their experiences with one or two women from the same tribe they have come across in their lifetime.
However, it should be noted that although some special behaviours have been attached to women from various tribes, it DOES NOT WORK TOTALLY FOR all the women in the tribe. The a$$umptions are just based on the common thing you will see most women from the area do. Below are 4 reasons why you should consider marrying an Igbo lady.
1. Igbo Ladies Are Very Industrious
It is generally believed that Nigerians who are Igbos (both male and female), tend to do business more, compared to other tribes. Igbo ladies are not left out in this trend. When an Igbo lady fails in the first business venture, she does not relent, instead she tries other ways, just to bring money into the house. Amazingly, lots of these women do not like sitting down without supporting their husbands. For a true Igbo lady, consistency is key and being financially dependent is out of the picture!
2. Igbo Ladies Love Unconditionally
When a true Igbo lady is in love, she loves not minding the odds involved (that’s if there are any). Igbo ladies take their time to do things in order to make their man not fall out of love with them. They take care of the home front including the children and are always ready to give good $ex any time of the day just to show how committed they are to their men.
3. Igbo Ladies Stay True To Their Men
Yes, there are lots of wayward ladies in the country but Igbo ladies seldom cheat on their men. Igbo girls are faithful to the core.
4. Igbo Ladies are Extra Smart, Intelligent and Beautiful
Looking around, most of the popular ladies leading the pack both in and outside the country are Igbos. They are not just beautiful and brilliant, they are extra smart. They know their onions, they do not try to outshine themselves and they make the art of being a woman so beautiful!
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