5 Careless Things You Do That Will Give Hackers Your Bank Information (With Pictures)


People do not lose money every time because of failed transactions and businesses; the role you play in protecting your bank security details goes a long way in determining whether you will fall into hands of hackers. The time has come for people to stop blaming the government for every misfortune that befalls them. One of the things that come with being an adult is accepting responsibility for your actions. The jobless and lazy people in the society keep looking for ways of ripping off people who are rich.

Hackers do not sleep when it comes to launching new methods of stealing from people. This means it is totally up to you to protect your bank details and be on guard in order not to fall for their tricks.

Find below some of the basic ways hackers get information about you and your bank details:

1. Social media profile

Keeping your details on social media may make you a target. While it is understandable that you want to be on top of your game in this century, it is also important for you to protect your details.

Your social media pages should not tell the story of your life in minutes. Hackers go through the pages of people on the social media and put down important information about them.

Your date of birth, year of birth and phone numbers are used in opening important documents in the bank. If you must put them on the social media pages you run, then do not add the year.

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