”6 years after Marriage, I’m not Under Pressure from My In-laws to Give Birth” – Nollywood Actress Speaks


Nollywood actress and producer, Tricia Eseigbe-Kerry, and her spouse, Kingsley, have been married for six years. The Ekpoma, Edo State born actress opened up to YES INTERNATIONAL! Magazine recently on her marriage. Excerpts:

  • You have been married for almost 6 years now. What would you ascribe to have made your marriage work, unlike some of your colleagues who couldn’t sustain theirs?

I built my marriage upon the solid rock of God. The secret to our happiness is simply God. We INVESTED more time in understanding the Word of God, because it’s a manual on its own. If you
fear, respect and honour God’s Words and commandment, you can only get it right in a relationship.

  • Do you think your hubby’s hostile attitude towards the media has anything to do with the below par success of your last movie, Prada?

Hubby’s hostile attitude towards the media, ha! Your question is like a movie script, full of suspense and intrigues. Where did you get that from? Where did you see him to suggest he has a hostile attitude towards the media? Also, Pradah was a success for him, financially and otherwise, and we are still benefitting from the production till date.

  • It was said that your hubby’s family has been giving you tough time to give birth for him. How true is it?

This is another part two of your scripting. It’s not true. I cannot wish for better in-laws. No pressure whatsoever. Children are gifts from God and they will come at His appointed time. If you want to ask about children and pressure, please ask directly. Do not drop my in-laws into it. We are fine, no pressure. Very soon, God will do His miracle in our lives.

  • Why do you think most celebrities find it difficult to sustain their marriages?

Personally, I believe sustaining a healthy marriage has nothing to do with being a celebrity or not. Marriages crash in every profession. It’s always due to the individuals and what they want at that time, and they are the ones that can tell us what led to the crash of their marriages. Universally, I know when two cannot agree on something, there is bound to be crisis. So, I can say difference in opinion, life philosophy and execution can endanger a marriage. Not forgetting the fear of God.

  • What lessons have you learnt since you got married?

Submission. The Bible instructs women to submit to thy husbands. It’s a regular scripture, you might say, but a strong weapon to fight against tribulation of modern day life in marriage. Some people might disagree with me, but I have dipped myself into the Word of God and it has made me a better person in my marriage. The Word of God is a tried and trusted operating manual towards a successful marriage.

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