7 Important Things Women Want You To Do In Bed [MUST SEE]


is easy for men to focus on the act of receiving pleasure when it comes to intimacy, but the things that can make a girl truly swoon can be very surprising.
If you are not doing these things listed below, then you are most probably not satisfying her the way she expects:
1. Foreplay:

A woman needs to get adequately turned-on before the actual sex begin. While a man is usually always ready for action without preamble, a woman needs some time to warm up. She would be completely grateful if you take the time to please her through means like dirty talking, kissing, touching and so on. When she is ready, you would know it, and it would become a better experience between the both of you
2. Comfort: 

Another way to make sure she is satisfied is when you give her an opportunity to relax and let go. A woman needs to get comfortable with herself and what she is about to do for her to be able to give you her best. Make sure you consider her comfort level. Avoid situations that would leave her feeling pressured or nervous
3. Take Your Time: 

Making love to a woman often requires a lot of patience. Be in control of her pleasure and avoid rushing her through the process

4. Know Her Body: 

The difference between good and bad sex, for women, usually comes down to ability to listen to her body. While pleasuring her, remember to keep notes of what she likes. When you do hit the right spot, keep going until you are sure she is completely under your control. Be sure to focus on her as much as yourself (even more) and work with the cues she provides
5. Use Your Tongue: 

Never underestimate the power of the tongue during intimacy. A lot of women usually do not orgasm from penetration alone but most women would swear by a good tongue action being their ticket to achieving climax. Ravish her with your hands and tongue and she would find it very difficult to say no to being with you.
6. Ladies First: 

Speaking of orgasm, a truly great sex partner makes sure his lady achieve the ultimate peak of pleasure before he does. There is nothing as disappointing to a lady as leaving her hanging after you have attained your own pleasure. If you have issues lasting long in bed, find other ways to love her that would leave her feeling satisfied before you shift the focus on yourself.

7. Be A Gentleman: 

Instead of just turning over and going to sleep after the act, take a moment to cuddle her, compliment her and basically make her feel good about what you both just did. No woman wants to be left feeling like a used piece of meat after sex.
It is discovered that most men do not take their time to know their kind of woman before going intimate with them and as a result, most relationships do not last as most men becomes selfish, when they are in bed.

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