7 year Old Girl Reveals That Adeboye, TB Joshua, Oyedepo, Oritsejafor, Olukoya And Others Will Not Make Heaven


According to NigeriaBreakingNews, Seven year old Iretioluwa is like every other children, but what makes her different is her spiritual proclamations, which makes her an extra-human being. When we were invited by her parents saying “our daughter wants you”. It was like a call not too clear.

But upon enquiry made by our editor, we discovered that it was not just a call but a diving call that requires a diving response.

Ireti-Oluwa has become a friend of Jesus Christ upon whom she resides and proclaim messages for the world.

“Most times Jesus Christ appears to her and tells her lots of things especially hidden things which He (Jesus) wants us to know” declares the mother.

“But the most shocking of all she has been told is about men of God whom we reverence in this country and she told us to look for a Christian newspaper. In fact, she wrote the name of your magazine and we started looking for it” – the father cuts in.

We were ushered into the spacious living room of the Ifedayos when Iretioluwa was taking her breakfast. We waited for her to finish and we settled down for the business of the day.

Iretioluwa, a primary three pupil was so bold as she declared what she said was told her by Jesus Christ.

According to her, my Lord and saviour said i should declare to Pastor Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God that he cannot make heaven. Though he started very well in spite of his works, he has compromised. “He has missed me a long time ago. I am only honouring my name in his life. He no longer has a place in me. Tell him to go back to his first love and drop every load of compromise he is carrying.

“Tell David Oyedepo that his hands are soiled with human blood. His name is not in the book of life. He has missed it a long time ago. Tell him what will profit him if he gains the whole world and end in Hell fire.

David Olukoya of Mountain of fire and miracles is encouraging evil and doesn’t want to repent. Tell him to stop living a double life. He knows the stones in his hands, tell him to drop them if he MUST enter heaven, he has to live a complete life of holiness.

Ayo Oritsejafor is not my servant. He has gone astray in the pursuit of fame, power, money. Warnhim to repent before he ends where his boss his.

T.B. Joshua is an advocate of Satan in Nigeria, he has sold his soul to the devil and he knows hell is awaiting him.

Christ Oyakhilome made a vow to Satan and he has succeeded to win souls for Satan. He is the front runner of the new age teachings in the world.

Many pastors that hoist flags of different churches know why they are doing so. Beware of such gathering.

Evil altar has reached an alarming rate in Nigeria.

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  1. The lord says touch not my anointed or do my prophets any harm …the bible say the lord will judge us ministers more strictly..let God be the judge and not man ….

  2. Jesus Said in the book of Joel 2ch 28v And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your Old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall see visions. Even on the male an female servants in those days I will pour out my Spirit. An if I were you I would not touch Gods anointed little prophetess. God Bless This Little Pure One.

  3. people should be very carefull because Jesus has played his role on earth and he said he is coming back to judge the living and the death. the Devil is very crafty in his ways ….

  4. Talk another thing young man. This is an old news
    You really need to upgrade you research being posting attention craving post

  5. Pls keep this revelation to ur self, to avoid God’s wrath upon u, if they don’t make heaven then u alone will make heaven, there is God oo

  6. Please Brothers in Christ, stop criticiesing your spirituel leathers. no religion ever CRICISE it’s spirituel leathers in a social network. (ONE CHRIS ONE BODY )

  7. Looool people are always revealing things, mostly the females. Maybe she will soon reveal hulk is real. Besides who said anybody is going to heaven? Isn’t it written in the Bible that the new Jerusalem would be established on earth? Or will the earth be in heaven? Mehn people have bibles which they don’t read! All you know how to do is to meet daddy and mummy in the church to pray for you so you can get rich when things are getting worse! Keep lying to your self.

  8. ,What a pernicious inclination to introduce perversion into your professional ethics? Be very careful!

  9. chai!!! Jesus is Lord…… What’s up with this Making heaven stuff? even if they won’t enter into the new Jerusalem, how does it affect u? besides who’s d f*cking Girl Dat saw dis?? bet ages a fictional character…. chaiiii deres ntin nigerians won’t do for likes nd comments

  10. You don’t need a seven year old to tell you that, read your bible very well to understand what worshiping God really means.

  11. Raw lie from pit of hell.
    Adeboye of rccg missed his step ,because to refused to follow rulers ,
    David Oyedepo of winners ,soiled his hands with blood because of prayer point.. “God if its your will for Nigeria to breakup ,break it now “…. That’s one of ingredients on his cooking pot.
    Chris of Christ embassy, divorced and preaching prosperity…. Leads to his label logo.
    Ayo ..” CAN” President, ex-President flown cash to SA in other to procure hardware for the deeds. Lead to the painted color
    Deliverer ,anti demon war Lord , Daniel Olukoya of MFM with his military tireless war against demons and forces ,make his area no going zone and uncomfortable for them(Rulers and high profile politicians. ), that’s foundation of cooked golden lie.
    The said 7years old girl need urgent absolute psychiatric evaluation and his parents background most througly investigated ,medically and politically. Or related to high profile politician or working under contract from any source.
    Let the little girl be detained in zoo.

    • I agree with you sir, she’s an agent of Satan. May God forgive her from the curse she’s put upon herself

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