Adorable Photos of Chris Brown’s Mum with his Baby Royalty [Photo]


Chris Brown’s mini me, baby Royalty is so adorable. And finally, we have pictures of her bonding with her grandmum, Joyce Hawkins. Chris had actually posted and then deleted them from his Instagram page.

Hollywood media report that Royalty who is almost a year old now has been getting to know her dad’s family, and even had a play date with her cousin recently. Her grandma Joyce is also so ready to love her like no other and plans to help her 25-year-old son raise his daughter. A source told Hollywoodlife:

“Joyce loves her son and she will never think that anything Chris does is wrong. They’re just learning experiences. She accepts Chris’ baby girl and will have a hand in raising her grandchild. It’s that simple. Family is family. Blood and blood. That’s that. 

What matters is that this young baby will be loved and cared for. Joyce will make sure that happens, no matter what. Her number one job as a mother has always been to protect Chris and protect his best interests. That hasn’t and will not change. She will now take that same attitude and extend her love, kindness and compassion to her granddaughter, whom she will love like her own.”

Photos of the young child with her grandmum continue after the cut. 



In other news, Chris brown has taken his hair colour back to Black.   

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