After 20 Abortions, My Boyfriend Beats Me, But I Still Love Him, I Am A Good Girl


Dear Admin, I have been living with my boyfriend for the last two years. I love Him so much but his violent habit is becoming too much. He picks up fights over small things like when I receive a phone call from a male friend, or even my relatives whom he has met. He hates it when I visit or host friends in our house. He is two years older than me and he loves me too much. Truth is beneath the possessiveness and bad temper is a man I see as a potential father and caring husband. He provides, cooks and spoils me on the good days. I could tolerate him but last week’s incidents got me thinking. I returned home at about 9pm and found him bitter. He ignored my explanation for returning late and started slapping me, got the clothes I had just bought and set them ablaze. The worst part is that i have done more than 20 Abortions for him, also some weeks back he got a razor and cut my braids because “he gave me the money to plait my hair”. And just few days back he beat me up just because i returned from the saloon late and did not cook food for him. I still love him so much but I fear it could get worse. He takes good care of me and regularly gives me money i think if i continue been a good Girl he might reduce the beating. Please help.

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  1. Is’t bcos of Love or the Money that u want to kill urself and commit all sort of sins? Leave him 4 good and ask GOD to 4give u bcos u have killed many souls.

  2. You are asking us to advise you, you are living with a man that is not your husband doing abortion any how you li ke, do you know what one abortion is not to talk of 20 receiving domestic violence on top keep on staying there by the time you must have finished destroying your womb he will still dump for other girls, mumu you don’t know what it means to be in love

  3. gud gal see u,u are matching towards ur grave and u still claim 2b a gud gal,where as u are damaging ur womb 2 a man dat will dump u 2moro 4 anoda

  4. Dis Girl,see Let Me U Something,just Kneel Down And Pray To God 4 Deliverance And Total Recovery,pray 4 Any Juju That They Have Use To Tie U To Love Him,it’s Not Fair When U Killed 20 Children,u Dont Knw Their Future,if It Where Ur Mother That Killed U When U Was Young Will U Be Enjoying The Love U Said U Love Him,so My Dear God Still Love U No Matter What,jus Give Ur Life To Christ,that My Own Part Of View,dont Mind The Insult Of Others,they Are Nt Ur Maker,so Be Born Again And Be Happy.

  5. Babe when your kill u,he is going to get married to d girl he love.He is just using you. Na u go loss

  6. May God’s mercy help you………….. Now days Dat pple re crying to hv kids u re wasting it,,,,, babe abeg ZIP up, n think twice, he doesn’t love you,,,,,, he’s one of those TIME WASTERS u hear about

  7. U all r funny. How r u sure anybody even made such comment? Y r we so quick to abuse or judge? Check it out. How can a girl abort 20 times n still looks like dis? No normal girl will even stay with d same guy after having at most 5 abortions. Y’all need to chill out n realize dat dis bloody blogger just wants to read crazy comments n so puts up craps. Bless up.


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