All You Need To Know About The Phyno & Ice Prince vs HushPuppi Beef – HushPuppi Exposes Phyno For Begging Him For Gucci


The Beef is getting out of hand! Here is how it all started

Popular internet sensation Hushpuppi has accused two Nigerian rappers Ice Prince and Phyno of being hypocrites. Hushpuppi who often criticizes people wearing fake luxury designers tackled the fact that Ice Prince and Pyhno once wore a fake Patek Phillipe watch in a video.

He wrote, “if you don’t want people to patronize pirated copy of your work, don’t patronize pirated copy of other’s work”

Phyno Replies!

Nigerian rapper, Phyno, has replied Hushpuppi. The Indigenous rapper took to his Snapchat to slam flamboyant big boy, Ray Hushpuppi, who mocked the former for rocking a counterfeit designer wristwatch.

He took to no chill route as he slammed him for his statement stating that they are not on the same level, and that he lives and dies for the people unlike him who lives and dies for Gucci and the social media.

He added that he bought a house, a car for his mom but he never mentioned it on social media.

Read His Rants:

Ice Prince Zamani finally replies Hushpuppi

Nigerian Rapper, Ice Prince Zamani has followed on Phyno’s mauling of Hushpuppi. The rapper shared a picture of his car side mirror on his instagram and wrote: “Big Dogs Dont Bark ! F@$k is a puppy loud for ? May We all be Successful ” Hell, Too much attention for Hush Hush?

Hushpuppi blasts Phyno again, claims phyno begged him for Gucci

The Malaysian-based Nigerian Big Boy recently shaded Phyno and Iceprince, calling them out for wearing fake Patek Wristwatches. Phyno of course replied him back, where he made it clear to Hushpuppi, that they both aren’t on the same level. Now, Hushpuppi has fired back at Phyno, and he’s claiming that Phyno once begged him to buy Gucci stuffs for him. Read His rants Below;

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