Amber Heard Asks For $50k A Month In Spousal Support As Her 2015 Earnings Is Revealed In Court


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s split is becoming messier by the minute.
And as the battle rumbles on, Amber’s earnings from 2015 have been revealed in court documents.

The actress is seeking $50,000 a month in spousal support from the Pirates of The Caribbean star who is worth an estimated $400million. According to court papers obtained by People, the 30-year-old earned $259,876 last year. The cash came from film projects including The Danish Girl ($31,112) and Paranoia ($45,314).

Outside of her acting roles, she also took home money from her work with jewellery brand Tiffany ($120,000) and Bulgari ($50,000).
She also earned residual fees from Machete Kills ($2,390) and The Rum Diary ($2,472).

However, after a lot of outgoings, which reportedly included union dues and agent fees, she banked $51,461.
When she filed an income and expense document as part of last week’s court documents, she stated that her average monthly expenses are approximately $43,700, which was made up of healthcare, groceries, $10,000 rent and more.

According to Forbes magazine, Depp earned $30 million last year alone.
He’s also be rumoured to have netted a huge $95million paycheck for Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Man Tell No Tales.

When Johnny’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, responded to Amber’s request for spousal support, she said: “As a successful actress with significant income of her own, there is no question that Amber can support herself until the parties have had a reasonable amount of time to assess their finances with the assistance of counsel and then negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution or seek regularly-noticed court orders.”

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