American Music Mogul P-Diddy Wanted By The Police


Diddy is been accused of allegedly punching a fan in the face at a nightclub in Arizona and disappeared before the cops arrived

Diddy a.k.a Puff Daddy is wanted by the Scottsdale Police for allegedly punching a guy at a Super Bowl party in a nightclub in Arizona, Saturday January 31.

In a leaked video from the party, the victim called Steven Donaldson seems to be the one who provocked the music star.

But according to Donaldson, Diddy was slated to host a nightclub party Saturday evening, but didn’t show until 1:15 am. Then when he got there, he only hung out in VIP and rarely got onstage.

Donaldson got pissed because he’d paid $100 to see Diddy. So he decided to confront the star.

In the video obtained by TMZ, Donaldson is overheard rebuking Diddy multiple times before they end up face to face. Donaldson claims that’s when Diddy punched him in the face, although the video ends when Diddy is about throwing the punch.

Donaldson also now claims he – instead of Diddy – was bundled out of the club by the nightclub’s security.

Unfortunately, Diddy had taken off by the time the cops got to the scene but they met with a devastated Donaldson who later filed a battery report.

Now, the Scottdale police want Diddy for questioning. Neither Diddy nor his camp have commented so far.

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