Angry Muslims Behead Female Igbo Trader In Kano Over Blasphemy She Allegedly Insulted Prophet Muhammad


Angry Muslims youths in Kano on Thursday evening decapitated a woman trader over allegations that she blasphemed Prophet Muhammad.

The victim, who was said to be of Igbo extraction was accused of blasphemy during a religious argument at Wambai market.

The woman, who sells plastics at the local market was in the company of her husband when she was murdered.

Contacted, the Public Relations Officer of the Kano Police Command, DSP Musa Magaji, confirmed the incident.

He said ” At about 4 30 pm, there was a disagreement between the murdered woman and some traders bordering on religion.

”The woman was said to have blasphemed Prophet Mohammed, which did not go down well with the mob.

He said, the woman whose named he didn’t disclose, was in the company of her husband when the incident happened but the timely intervention of the police saved the husband, who was immediately whisked for safety.

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  1. I don’t know why any time a demonic act been committed by Muslim in the name of Islam, yet some Muslim will be denouncing such act while all of them go to the same mosques and pray the same way with the same faith and believes. So please self acclaimed moderate should do us a favour, whenever such act occurred they should ask the adventurers if they are Muslim or not. Lets get to hear their own response so that the acclaimed moderate will spare us these aloofness justification with the real practice of Islam.

  2. Pls the perpetrators of this heinous crime were they arrested? The government must talk because no group has a monopoly of violence.

  3. Hmmm wit all d atrocities going on in dis country, dere is nothn lyk one Nigeria anymore instead reviced is d case

  4. It’s only a dead god that you can fight for, if you claim that your god is alive and the true God, why not allow him to fight for himself, mad people.

  5. We don’t suppose be in one country. I hate to mourn any body that dies in that part of country through the act of defending a dead god

  6. Sefiyat u bi God? Saying unless she beg 4 forgiveness I can’t just imagine all Muslims re d same

  7. Respect your self ok,,, and
    Remember that they r also good n bad people inside the same church that u attend,,,

  8. Donkey Sons of bitchs.jesus told you her wound you her said.”JUDGE NOT.that you be not JUDGED.FOR with JUDGEMENT YOU JUDGE,YOU WILL JUDGED you HYPOCRITE!why do you look at the speck in your brothers eyes,but not consider the plank in your own eyes?FRIST REMOVE the plank from your own eyes.Matthew7

  9. The “God” of War: Jesus said: “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” (Matthew, 10:34)

  10. Please, u guys should just stop insulting Islam… Islam is also a religion.. There are good and bad people in Christianity and Islam pls

  11. This is what happens when mad people are given identity in the midst of sane minds, all in the name of religion. These Muslim fools ought to abode with animals. They are animals. The earlier we realize and treat them as such in this country, the better. It should be blood for blood in Nigeria.

  12. Guyz……But Moooh Talk Truth Here oooo….I’m a Muslim And I’m Not Supporting Them To What They Did……Itz Wrong….
    But Why Would She Insult Prophet Muhammad????

  13. You donkeys Allah is an Arabic ward given to Almighty God bt those people are better than pastors who eat human flesh in the name of worship they just killed not eaten and remember Jesus is a prophet of Islam we can’t abuse him cos every Muslim that didn’t believed in him is not a true Muslim. He is not God rather a prophet of God. Pls read the Bible

  14. Sani,u see y islam is having som group of dem rubishin de religion…lack of understanding…its d only religion dat fight

  15. Hmmhm.Jesus tel you “… seeing they see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.” (Matthew 13:13) you will never understand

  16. Pastors or christians and oda religions dnt kill pipl bcos de dnt biliv in Jesus…exept islam

  17. Mohamad ask u to be killing right, your entire generation will suffer from this including you, you will not see end of this year

  18. Chuks Dibia & Chukwunonso Ubaka both of you are fools forever…. stupid, may Allah punished you forever

  19. Chuks Dibia,u can say whatever u like.. I can see u have no manners at all and I’ll just ignore u… This didn’t call for insults so I wonder why u are being so foolish by insulting people u don’t even know. It doesn’t work that way,ok

  20. You lady is a shame religious have blinded your sense of reasons a lady like you was beheaded how many time your so called brothers insulted our saviour JESUS and how many have be beheaded

  21. If she insulted him does that give them the right to kill her?if it were your sibling which the beheaded like this will you ask “why did she insult him”. No human born of a woman will take someone’s life.

  22. The security agencies are looking for unarmed IPOB members
    Your president will say nothing
    The murderers must die

  23. Its because of the idol called Mohammed that somebody was killed, yet PMB kept silent over it. Christians must arise from slumber.

  24. Luk who’s talking. Christians can not and will not kill anybody bcos someone insulted Jesus. If are part of the religious people then say it. Mohammed don’t even know them in the first place. Nonsense!

  25. Thank God for LIGHT of the world which is Christ that dwell in us Christians. Our Bible never and will not teach us how to be violent.

  26. Nd I think yu’re only being stupid/daft for yu to av think d sword mention in dat verse is of violence! Read dat same Mat 10: 30-40 nd undastand then yu wld know dat the verse was trying to xplain dat yur belief/faith in Christ shld not be affected/disturbed by placing earthly love above Him!… th Bible never asked any follower to fight for his sake

  27. This is not to wait 4 government law to precise over this matter, the perpetrator should of this act should be killed immediately without waste of time.

  28. Only God almighty will pay them back they can’t escape it all of them will die U0001f480 soon,am not happy at all

  29. Mr Abdullahi Sani, the sword is the word and the word is God. He wasn’t talking about cutlass or gun.

  30. Good for them.. Come back home they wont…. A woman for that… The so called prophet mohammed is dead and gone.. Why kill people cos of a dead man…… Jesus lives

  31. This is barbaric, am a muslim, this is bad, but d truth must be told, wat can be done free in d south , east and west cannot be done in d north, they put religion above their head, so u cant go to their territory and start preaching, many of them are illiterate, dey go to only Arabic school, y endangering ur life by preaching there, in lagos here especially ijesha, they are in ur area around 5am mounting speaker and disturbing people sleep, but in d north, they can kill, so stop putting ur life at risk, if u are in london ,do like Londoner, just an advice

  32. Iont know why Nigerians are naturally stupid in nature. So @Bona ik Eze , in Christianity you’re allowed to call your fellow human imbecile and precious too. Display of utmost stupidity

  33. For you slim@ .But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and kill them in front of me.’”Luke19:27

  34. And for you kuljovy even your name has no meaning.prophets Muhammad is not God he is a messenger just like Jesus,my God is yours too weather you like it or not,

  35. People are angry here oh!!!for those in Kano let God judge and those abusing people here too. Its left for God to judge. No one is to judge anyone. Some of you are killers too with your heart and what you think. There is only one hell my people . So let’s live it all for God

  36. Jesus is also our prophet so when u say muslims insulted him means they can insult d whole prophets so we know what we ar doing pls.

  37. We shall respond,surely. According to Mr Odechukwu, a member of Mbaitoli Association in Kano, a young man came to Mrs Bridget shopfront to wash his legs for the usual Muslims prayers and she appealed to him to go elsewhere to wash his legs as her customers are still in the shop, but the young man having ulterior motives, shouted Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, lying to his group that Mrs Bridget has blasphemed against Prophet Mohammed. Efforts by her Husband, Pastor Mike who hails from Amaukwu, Orodo town in Mbaitoli LGA of Imo state and a Pastor of the Deeper Life Ministry, Brigade, Kano and other traders to explain to already stationed Muslim youths proved abortive. They dragged her away from the husband, according the relatives that spoke with Hope For Nigeria, beheads her and used her head as trophy to parade around the market and the town center. No minding that these bloodthirsty religious freaks celebrated with Mrs Bridget’s decapitated head for over 2 hours, no security agent raised a finger. The Igbo residents in Kano regretted that the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari have emboldened members of the Islamist terror group, Boko haram, the terror group, Fulani Herdsmen and other Islamist fundamentalist individuals across the country, as they are sure that they will never be prosecuted not minding the nature and magnitude of their offense.
    Share #justiceforBrigdet#

  38. You must be mad may d almighty Allah d creator of jesus(as) and Prophet muhammad(saw) guide you to d right path or destroy ur life dat even a dog will not go close to you

  39. Lmao!!!Andy wahever. I laugh you. So the bible also allows you to call someone idiot…smh..lmao.lwkmd.the koko is you’re pained. One advice:drink petrol huhU0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602

  40. I read comments to laugh and comment to laugh too. So if you’re pained…I’m sorry its your is too short to take it personal

  41. There is no any muslim that can open his mouth and insult prophet ISAH (JESUS) Alaihimussalam, but why are you christians insulting prophet MUHAMMAD SALLALLAHU ALAIHI WASALLAM, pls. fear ALLAH.

  42. Is a shame dat ur god n prophet can’t fight for themselves n u ve to do it urself but for the Christian is d reverse. our God n his son Jesus Christ lives on.

  43. A Muslim believe jesus more than Christians do any Muslim who don’t believe in jesus he/she is not a good Muslim, so let’s stop insulting a Prophet

  44. Religion of war,not peace as they clame,dey are fighters, they take judgement in dere hands in steam of allowing there God to do so,bcos dere God is sleeping.they worship idol,bowing down to nothing for years.RUBBISH!

  45. I feel that any god you must help to fight is not worth serving because you are not safe either.A GOD,should be able to fight battles not you helping him to fight.God said leave vengeance for HIM.

  46. It’s not fair; may her soul rest in peace. They ‘ve killed the flesh (painful)but her spirit leaves on in Jesus name……. amen.

  47. Religious tolerance is very key in this great nation. We preach peace, let live by peace, show peace and do peace. I bet u, this nation would be a great example to some other countries if we practice what we preach. God bless Nigeria.

  48. Islam or Christian, by my own little understanding, no religion preaches or advocates for war. It is due to our own selfish interests and religious dogmatism that is causing all these. Pls let us learn to love and live in peace. The last day will tell who is worthy of God kingdom. Peace!!!!!

  49. @Isah My God of David and Jacob bring down is hanger on you and your generation to generation plus the illegal son of Abraham Muhammad that nothing good comes out in you barbaric set of people..AMEN !

  50. Yes Ooo only dead god you can’t fight for If really he his a god why can’t he speak n fight for him self…today i pray may God bring down is anger on this wick barbaric set of people

  51. Most of them v done or say worst things than this woman did,who beheaded them no one,u guys don’t v conscience anymore,ndi ara,chineke kporom unu oku

  52. Sir good morning I want to give put on a debate on IS christianity or Islam the true religion? 1) I will like you to show me in your bible where the word christianity is present 2) what was the name given to him( jesus) by his mother after she gave birth to him 3) show me where the bible says my name is the bible I came from God. I wish your church pastors would be able to answer this question if you can’t. Ma shaa Allah salaam

  53. It is only in the north that we hear such story i on consider yoruba muslims as the real ones….
    come down to use S/E or S/S we don’t judge those that plastfirm jesus but consider them as a mad person..
    the northerners are the most idiotic people i have ever seen in my live…..
    come to think of it,,,, parading with the woman head for two hours and no sign of any security agents. the government itself know what they are up to…..

  54. Mark Ithamar Ebhohon@ a good Muslim will not insult jesus we love him and we believe is a prophet of God.

  55. Ignorantus…you are the ones that goes about killing people in the name of Islam….gosh…what exactly is your point Abubakar Bin Ridwan…

  56. This is the one Nigeria huh? …. “Blacksmith……Blacksmith….!!!” in the words of Chritopher Okigbo!

  57. Islam as a Religion is not doubtful but Islam as a Religion of Violence is Questionable. Anything that is Violent is not from God

  58. Some one comment the fact and you guys are hear saying trash, una no get dstv or gotv, watch aljazeera the isreli and palestine war and see how people are been killed based on religion all she’s trying to say is dont judge people by their religion

  59. God bless you. Am a Muslim living in kano and many Muslim against the killing of this innocent woman. It’s Barbaric and it’s not in the religion, in Islam who ever kill an innocent person is same thing as he kill the whole of humanity and God will punish who so ever that do that. May her soul rest in perfect peace

  60. When I hear some Muslims talk when human are killed truly I get confused. Is that they support the killings? Please a good and peaceful Muslim explain to me am confused. Pls I want to know

  61. I can’t really understand why human beings can easily be brainwashed and asked to kill for religion… if really that you are serving a living God why not allow your god to take vengeance on who’s ever that blasphemed him… Even the police couldn’t stop this barbarians

  62. You muslims keep saying it’s bad, it’s evil, it’s wrong, it’s not right, etc, but you also keep repeating it every now and then. How long should you continue to shed blood? Do you think other people are weak, that they cannot kill you? But you’ll be proved wrong, very soon!!!

  63. Muslims keep saying it’s bad, it’s evil, it’s wrong, it’s not right, etc, but they also keep repeating it every now and then. How long should these people continue to shed blood? Do they think other people are weak, that they cannot kill them (muslims)? If any human being should be killed at all, it should be the animal-like humans, namely muslims. And they’ll be served in their own cup pretty soon!!!

  64. Kenneth, u want to retaliate, do so but remember dat,, it is ur people DAT does not stay in one place, d deed is done and nobody supported dis kind of action, so grow up and comment like a matured guy

  65. A Muslim converts a Christian to his religion n it is fine. But a Christian converts a Muslim to his religion n den gets beheaded for dat? There is God.

  66. If we condemned the killing then we should also condemn the act of abusing Our Prophet, in Islam were told to respect Jesus, buty don’t cristians do dsame?

  67. I don really understand this people called Muslims. And the Igbo woman that opened her mouth to argue abt Mohammed suppose to kn how barbaric Muslim are especial Hausa’s. Ndigbo come back home oooooo. Kano is not safe for u oooo especially now Sanusi is their Emir. Sanusi is barbaric. Hmmmm. We must leave Nigeria.

  68. All the igbos that are commenting rubbish here are just selfish and ignorants of of what religion is all about. this woman has insulted our beloved prophet in the middle of Kano market then how do you expect this woman to go free without being punished?? let’s for example take the same scenario and apply it in one recognizable market in onitcha or Aba. pls is there any single human being that has the power, confidence and strength to stand in one of those markets and insult Jesus then leave the market without being slaughted like a goat?? let truth be spoken

  69. Arrant nonsense Kabir Adam. Abusing your prophet is not enough reason to kill. That only looks right in the eyes of the brainwashed like you.

  70. Jesus Christ.!!! I never knew you guys were this dummy, but I always knew you guys could be good pretenders. So that’s what’s always in the weird minds of every muslim that even a worst Christian can kill another for blaspheming the name of Jesus..!! Hmmmm…. Hey listen up you brainwashed, even if a muslim comes into our church and blasphemes Jesus, no Christian would through a stone at him..

  71. Respect yourself b4 you lose your head.. #Mohammed Issah. You suppose to complete it like that. Brainwashed Fools.

  72. Mc Ballack & Bilikis Yusuf. Be very sincere to yourselves and your prophet Mohammed, if it happens you guys see Egbuawa Ugochukwu in a secret corner right now as he made the statement, wouldn’t you cut off his head and shout Allah akbar…???

  73. That’s the problem fellow Nigerians, from their utterances you already know them, satanic indoctrination, no brains, no nothing, all they is kill, kill, may God have mercy on their devilish soul.

  74. I will not hurt him, I will only ask God to forgive him. What those guys did is unacceptable in Islam, they could have leave her and let God judge her

  75. Ahhh.. Mr Godwin you really need God’s help oh.. I pray you get it. Seek it and you shall get it. Check here bible and tell me if its good to accuse someone falsely. I am not cultist but people like you propogate cultism. Can you imagine I’m trying to make peace reign you’re telling me this. You can keep shouting tho if you can wake the dead woman or better still go to kano and advice them if they won’t sent all your body parts home.


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