Arrested Teen Saves the Life of Policeman who was Booking Him to Jail (Photos)

A handcuffed teenager being booked into jail helped save a cop’s life after the officer collapsed in front of him with a heart attack.
According to Daily Mail, Jamal Rutledge was being charged with criminal mischief and burglary when Officer Franklin Foulks fell to the ground in front of him and started clasping at his chest inside the jailhouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
When Rutledge noticed the downed officer, he got up and kicked the fence, yelling for help.
Other officers showed up and were able to restart Foulks’s heart with a defibrillator then take him to hospital after the medical emergency last September.
Arrested Teen Saves the Life of Policeman who was Booking Him to Jail (Photos) 2
Doctors said that if the rescue had taken much longer, Foulks would have died.
Video footage from the jailhouse shows Rutledge squatting in the corner with his hands cuffed behind his back while Foulks fills out paperwork.
Rutledge was being booked for charges of violation of probation for criminal mischief and burglary, according to NBC Miami.
But shortly after, the officer slides off his chair, hits his head on another next to him, then starts writhing around on the floor.
After Rutledge investigates, he kicks at the security gate and points towards Foulks with his chained hands while other officers rush in.
Some time later, emergency responders arrive with the medical equipment needed to save him, cut off his shirt then use the defibrillator.
Arrested Teen Saves the Life of Policeman who was Booking Him to Jail (Photos) 3
Rutledge and three officers involved in the rescue are now to be publicly commended for their actions at a meeting of the Fort Lauderdale City Commission later this month.

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