“At Age 61, I Can’t Marry A Poor Man” – Un-Married Ex top Nigerian Model

Yemi Fawaz? Remember her? She is an icon of modeling in Nigeria and West Africa. She pioneered professional mod­eling in Nigeria and took the job to the next level before she packed her bag and baggage and left for the United States with her 11 year old daughter.
“At Age 61, I Can’t Marry A Poor Man” – Un-Married Ex top Nigerian Model 1

Back after nineteen years to give back to society, the ever beautiful Fawaz told Sunday Sun about her new goals, why she left the country, life in the US, her ordination as deaconess and lots more. She also shed light on the kind of man she wants and insists that she cannot marry a poor man or one who is she richer than.

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After 19 years in New York, why are you back in Nigeria?
I love my country, no matter what is happening. Even though my heart bleeds because of traffic jams despite the good legacies of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and his predecessor Babatunde Fashola, fuel scar­city also saddens my heart. People have been suffering for years, though we enjoyed a little bit after independence. It’s sad. I came back thinking I could contribute my own little quota, especially to the lives of our bud­ding youths.

You still look so beautiful, what’s the secret?
Thank you so much. God is wonderful. I guess it’s the Lord that is renewing my youth, there is no secret. The secret is just God. Any­body who sees me will not know that I suf­fered from enlarged heart for years but here I am still looking good . I give God the glory.

You still remain Yemi Fawaz, you didn’t marry a white man.Why not?

There was a rumour that I was married to a white billionaire, but I won’t marry out of Christ. If I don’t meet a born again Christian, I don’t think I will marry. Don’t forget that age doesn’t really count before God, before God there is no age. The bible says a thou­sand years before God is like a year. That means God doesn’t work with age. Sarah had a baby at 70+ and at that time Sarah had reached menopause but God gave her a baby. 

There is nothing God cannot do if God really says I’m going to be married. If I’m going to be married, the man must be a free-hearted man like me, who loves people, who is ready to use his money to help people. I give God all the glory that I have never been married and I have never been divorced. But now, I’m married to Jesus. If the man comes, if he’s a good-hearted man, he must be rich too. At age 61 I can’t marry a poor man and I’m not a gold digger. I’ll tell him sweet­heart, can I have $5,000 and then he starts to ruffle through his pockets saying “No, I can afford that money”. 

A man can’t live off me. For me to marry a man and he’s living off me? No way. I’m not one of those women. The man will marry me. Not me to marry the man. But women of today they marry the man. That’s why women are not respected any longer. I won’t marry a man. The man will marry me, you will marry me with your money and with your love.

“At Age 61, I Can’t Marry A Poor Man” – Un-Married Ex top Nigerian Model 2

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  1. At age 61 you still de say you can’t marry a poor man, there are plenty of rich men, find one! U0001f602U0001f60fU0001f644

  2. Bigfish Hama and what her vision, correction what her vision at age 61 is what the post is about! Not the general norm!


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