Beware of Fake Pastors! MediaHoarders Reader Cries Out as he Exposes his Pastor


A blog reader has been telling me to share his story as he is desperate to warn others about this “Fake Man of God”.. According to him. Here is his story below:

‘In the end time , false prophets shall arise in my name’. I’ll fail in my duty to keep the children of God informed and aware that false prophets are already abound, filled with deceit,lying, breaking homes, stealing by trick and lots more.

Adeoye Isaac (the pastor’s name) , is one of such, a self-acclaimed ‘man of God’ whose mission is to dupe young innocent believers as he goes about using God’s name , fake vision plus prophecies and probably through diabolical means to extract money and other valuables from young believers.

He’s married with two daughters, & his axis of movement for the period of time I knew him was Ibadan-Mowe-Berger-Ejigbo-Ikotun. He worships at any available church as he does not have a church of his own. *can a man with such endangered,cruel & wicked mission ever be a pastor over one particular church ?, just thinking aloud*.

His sugar Coated and hyper deceitful tongue has made several people to fall into his trap or probably some invisible powers are involved.

His major tactics among other numerous is that,He collects money from people promising to return it back to them after prayers as directed by God. Few examples, He large amount of money from a woman planning to start up her business, collected a lady’s school fees thereby making her miss exams after he disappeared, He asked a young man whose age was 25years to bring numbers of highest denominations of his age amounting to #25,000.


He has destroyed many happy homes with hell gates prophecies, the most painful aspect is that, He has made lots of new converts back slide again with his fake life. He is indeed a Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing.
Who knows the Location of his next target ??? And so the need arise to alert everyone about this self acclaimed man of God who is presently in an unknown and undisclosed location…

That’s the story! And he even went as far as sharing photos of this man. See them below:

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