Beyonce’s Dad is So Broke He Now Sells His Daughter’s Old Dvd’s & Photos (photos)

Beyonce’s dad is trying to make ends meet by unloading tons of her souvenirs from her career in a massive garage sale — which also features Solange stuff … in the bargain bin.
As we’ve told you … Mathew Knowles is having baby mama troubles — which might explain why he started selling off some Bey treasures outside his office in Houston last Friday.

According to TMZ, as of Monday, there were plenty of items available … including a giant Beyonce poster for $200, old tour books for $20, and various pieces of House of Dereon clothing. On a budget? You can find a Solange CD for $1.96.
In the non-Beyonce aisle — Mathew’s also selling office furniture … so, it looks like a total fire sale.
We’re told Mathew shunned an attempt to haggle the oversized Beyonce poster down to $145 … standing firm at two hundy.
Daddy’s baby needs a new pair o’ shoes.
Beyonce's Dad is So Broke He Now Sells His Daughter's Old Dvd's & Photos (photos) 2 Beyonce's Dad is So Broke He Now Sells His Daughter's Old Dvd's & Photos (photos) 3

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