Boko Haram releases new videos, stones adulterer to death, amputates thief


The Boko Haram sect today released three new videos on Youtube (that have since been taken down) showing how a man accused of committing adultery was stoned to death. The sect members also amputated a man’s hand for stealing.

In one of the videos which was released in three parts, a man buried in the ground with only his head visible, is seen being stoned to death by a crowd. They accused him of adultery. Another part of the video showed a man’s hand being amputated for ‘stealing’. Young men were also shown being flogged for committing fornication.

In one of the videos, the sect leader, Abubakar Shekau denied claims by Nigerian military that they repelled the December 1st attack on Damaturu in Yobe state carried out by the terrorist group.

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