BUSTED! Woman Caught HavingSex While Hubby laid in Hospital Very Sick


Makoni’s husband, Aaron Mukanda has reportedly been on admission at Rusape General Hospital for about two weeks.
The incident occurred at R214 in Vengere, in Rusape district of Zimbabwe at about 10 am after following a tip-off, threatening to beat up his estranged auntie and labelling her “loose and a disgrace”.

According to Myzimbabwe.co.zw, angry relatives and neighbours invaded the house chanting denigrating songs, and police had to be called in to save the situation from degenerating into a bloodbath.
The woman’s partner in crime disclosed that the woman never told him she was married since he met and started a sexual relationship with her last September.

It got to a point the woman visited Makoni parents in the Chiemdambuya part of the country for formal introductions as their soon-to-be daughter-in-law in January 2015.
Stunned Makoni said, “I never knew she was married. I am now realising it now. We met in September and in January I introduced her to my family as we looked forward to marrying each other. She has been frequently visiting my parents so that she familiarises with the family customs and values before marriage.
“She invited me last Wednesday saying her auntie was in hospital. She is my girlfriend.”

Despite having a child with Mukanda, the woman denied having anything to do with her husband claiming that they have been living together since 2009 of which he didn’t pay a dime for her bride price.
She said, “We were cohabiting since 2009 and along the way I met Simon. He is my boyfriend and I love him. People can say what they want, but that is it and it is true.

“I have visited his family and I invited him last Wednesday because I wanted someone around. Godfrey has been told that there is a man staying here by one of the neighbours.

“He then popped up unexpectedly and caught us red-handed. I do not know what will happen, but I cannot regret falling for a man capable of taking good care of me.”
The woman was subsequently sent packing with her lover.
credits: The trent

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