Can This Happen In Nigeria?


If it isn’t the front row then nowhere else…

Can This Happen In Nigeria? 1

Can we have this kind of humility here?

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  1. That’s why there’s progress in America… Nobody is less important or too important… So great a nation!!

  2. Why do humanbeigns claim to know GOD and Jesus Christ and still belong to Evil marine, occult hidden world for power,wealth and protection especially and even the so called pastors and prophets even when we told humanbeings that we HAVE the UNBELEVABLE POWER,the LIGHT, the MANTLEto help them&they refuse to embrace us to take the light,mantle&power that be and be genuinely empowered even when those of them who have eyes have peep us and see that it’s true and all the LIGHT which we HAVE to share and truly empower humanbeigns without Suffering them as is the norm which they manage to enjoy, but ours is ,no sacrifice,no fasting and no night vigil @all#As we authorize why not investigate this our truth and revelation as we declared and behold No man on earth rises to the top of any career without belonging to the evil hidden nations and Evil marine world and we are highly capable to prove it to whosoever hence we HAVE come with UNBELEVABLE SPIRITUAL power and light and mantle from HEAVEN to HELP and empower and protect those who need real JesusChrist UNBELEVABLE power to excell and be above all Evil and remember we said we are able to prove the UNBELEVABLE power beyond reasonable doubt #kingdom of JesusChrist has comeback to the earth#INVESTIGATE our truth and revelation if you can because time has come for humanbeigns to know the hot truth and hidden secrets of this world. Authority has indeed comeback to the earth and who who beleive the carpenter Jesuschrist when he came before and as usual we don’t expect many to believe us because where real Jesuschrist is many people don’t go there

  3. If I hear sey e happen. .
    Security personnel go full the 1st 5-rows. And na front row the presido go sit…

  4. 9ja forget. Belive it or not, those around Obama and his family in that church both male and female are members of seal team 6.

  5. Na obodo nija it cnt happen even if it happens, the whole sit will be occupied with security men.

  6. This used to happen in moqse but if u try it in Church u will be banish, Muslims take each other equal but Christian if u don’t hv levels u ar a begger.


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