Check Out These 11 Strangest Buildings You Can Find In Africa (With Pictures)


These strange buildings which are found in Africa are really amazing to watch and will definitely live your mouth wide opened. I know most of us have seen the most beautiful, tallest, shortest and ugly buildings in Africa but have you ever seen the most strange buildings in African continent before? I guess you said no. Well, we have passed through the ups and downs of every corner and have come out with a list of outlandish and wondrous buildings on the African continent and is really interesting to see these buildings.



The Big Pineapple building is one of the lovely buildings you can find on the African continent and it is located in South Africa, Eastern Cape to be precise. The beautiful fruit structured building is measured 16.7 meters tall and it was built in honor of the pineapple fruit for its important role in the region’s agricultural economy.

One might think this pineapple building is located in Australia, yes! one is in Australia. The one in South Africa is a replica of the Australian one. The Big Pineapple Building in South Africa has an auditorium which telecast the video of the pineapple industry for visitors and a watching floor which beautifully portrays the view of the surroundings.



The Kagga Kamma building is an Iconic hotel in Cederberg, South Africa. It contains rooms which are built to blend with the natural environment, merge seamlessly to the rocks.

The natural appearance of the building is really astonishing and will completely bury you into nature with its structures. Although the buildings are not real cave rooms but will give you a lovely fantasy.



Lalibela is a wide structured temple area which contains 11 churches. It is clearly seen that the building is a freaky one but what makes it strange is that they are hewn straight into the rocks of Lalibela rather than it been on top of the ground.

The Rock-Hewn Churches were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. They are unique and extraordinary in the world.

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