Check Out Nigeria’s New Official Flag That Has Got Social Media Exploding! (With Pictures)


It appears we have not heard the last of the United States of Nigeria saga which went viral on Thursday, August 4. A video clip surfaced showing the Youth and Sports Development Minister, Barrister Solomon Dalung referring to the United States of America as ‘United States of Nigeria’.

Just like the 2013 ‘Oga at the top’ video, this video trended on social media, as Nigerians criticized the minister for his error.

They did not waste time combining the video with different memes.

Unable to stand the heat and criticisms on social media, Dalung went private on Twitter, shutting people off his mentions.

Veteran Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has joined the list of those who are surprised that a minister, who President Muhammadu Buhari took six months to appoint, could make such national blunder.


On his part, General Ibrahim Babangida, a former military president, said maybe the country will be renamed to United States of Nigeria in the future.

Checkout some other funny reactions below.

The one about Nigeria’s new flag.

The one hailing Dalung.

The one about Buhari appointing herdsmen as ministers.


Dalung takes a swipe at Buhari.


Mother and son having fun laughing at the Sports Minister.


The one about PDP fans.


Some are wondering when they sold Nigeria to the US.


How many people are from the United States of Nigeria?


Watch the video below.

What was he thinking when he actually said ‘United States Of Nigeria’?

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