“Dabbing Is A Demonic Dance” – Christian Group Launches Spiritual Awareness Against Dab Dance


A Christian Whatsapp group has begun a campaign against the very popular dab dance which has over-taken the entire world of entertainment.

According to the group, the dance which they have alleged to mean ‘Demonstarting Antichrist’s Bow’ (DAB) is a creation from the underworld to sway men and women into the kingdom of the devil.

Read their allegations below:

“Dabbing Is A Demonic Dance” – Christian Group Launches Spiritual Awareness Against Dab Dance 1

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  1. I don’t understand this dabbing of a thing, must Christian copy every dance introduce by all this worldly musicians? We can’t even differentiate what’s of God and of the world any more, we take it as in Christianity anything goes without minding if it pleases God or not. It is well.

  2. Dnt u no dat eating poundo yam nd drink coca cola at dsam tym listen to muzic lik iya lonje oka logun is demolic it is satanic it is evil repeant Jesus is comin soon

  3. Story Which dance come be christian dance na,If your are worshipping God do it in spirit and truth. It dosen’t matter if is galala or shakiti bobo or dab as far as you are glorifying God.

  4. Everything demonic….person go mess- demonic, bath- demonic… soon birthday wil soon be demonic…mtheeeeew

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  7. With all these false prophets lingering, I just don’t know what to believe, and however, since I ask God for forgiveness even the sins I committed unknowingly, God is a merciful God and he’ll forgive and speak to you, telling you the truth

  8. Is Der any dance dat isn’t demonic??? If u dance shoki,,dey sey its devilish nw dab, mhen i dnt blv. Anyhow i will still oya dab!!!


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