David Mark Blasts False Prophets in Nigeria. Demands They Apologize to Nigerians


David Mark has criticized the prophets and men of God who mislead Nigerians with false prophesies. He called on them to apologize to Nigerians, because according to him, many Nigerians had fled to their hometown while the rest run away from the country thinking there would be ‘war’ and bloodshed. He also went ahead to call them prophets of doom, saying they speak nothing but lies.

His words

  “On election day, people thought that the fight was going to be one that had never been seen in this country before, but God heard our prayers, the election came and went, no major incidents.Results were announced and President Goodluck Jonathan conceded defeat even before the final result and congratulated General Buhari. I think this is God’s way of telling Nigerians that he has put us together and we must remain one united country. Those who were predicting that this country will be gone should apologise to Nigerians; there were so many prophesy. The problem with all these prophets is that when things do not go their own way, they find another way of coming back and telling us that what they meant was this, they spoke in tongues and we did not understand and they averted the doom through prayer deceiving gullible Nigerians. As a nation, we have risen beyond the wishes of all these prophets of doom, but what is more important is that we have established a firm root of democracy in this country,” he said.

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