Davido Calls His Critics ‘Killers’, Reveals Number of Girls That Have Had Abortion For Him


Singer, Davido, has lashed out at those criticising him for having multiple babies from different women without marrying any of them.

According to the singer who describes babies as ‘blessings’, many of those criticising him have done many more abortions ‘killings’ than he has babies.

In a recent interview with Guardian Life Magazine, the ‘IF’ crooner said,

“All those people out there saying I have too many babies, do you know how many babies they have killed? At least I can confidently say I have never told any girl to have an abortion. I am not saying having a baby without marriage is good, but to me babies are blessings.”

He also shed more light on the struggles he had with his Sony deal, revealing that he never wanted the deal in the first place.

“First of all, I didn’t even want to take the deal because I didn’t need it. I was doing tours all over Africa with 50,000 to 80,000, people so it was like why am I signing the deal? They tried to fix me up with a producer and I decided to come home, but I’m still signed to them, it’s going good. They have realized how much potential is here because even when I am all over the world it is my African songs that even the oyibo people f*** with.”

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