Davido Fires Hard At Girl Who Made Fun Of HisManhood Over Leaked SexTape Of Alleged Ex


Davido’s alleged ex-girlfriend, Faith Nkesi posted an explicit video on Instagram. The raunchy video instantly went viral on social media sites.

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The video has since been deleted from her Instagram account

Shortly after the video was posted‚ a statement was released on the same account in which the original video was initially posted. In it‚ she claims that it was a ‘private’ video that had been leaked to her Instagram account‚ saying the video was of herself and her boyfriend while they were on vacation.

A Nigerian tweeter took this statement to mean that Davido was the boyfriend Faith was referring to and hit hard on him.

Davido Fires Hard At Girl Who Made Fun Of His Manhood Over Leaked Sex Tape Of Alleged Ex 1

There is nothing as harsh as making fun of the size a man’s manhood and Davido, who didn’t want to be linked in anyway to the scandalous video didn’t waste time in lashing out at this audacious ‘busybody’ tweeter and correcting her.

See his response below

Davido Fires Hard At Girl Who Made Fun Of His Manhood Over Leaked Sex Tape Of Alleged Ex 1

Davido Fires Hard At Girl Who Made Fun Of His Manhood Over Leaked Sex Tape Of Alleged Ex 2


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  4. What I don’t understand is why she’s doing dia,every day different gals cum up with different story abt him…pls is he d only musician,why can’t yhu girls jst let him ave peace……


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