Disturbing: Man Rapes 14 Year Old Girls And Forces Them To Drink His Blood


These white people and their weird news..

Jonathan Ryan Davis, 21, is facing charges for statutory rape as well as drinking the blood of three teenage girls – and having them drink his.

You would never even guess the reason why! See it after the jump:

According to the Pittsburgh Police, Davis reportedly slit his wrists and persuaded the girls to slit theirs so they could all drink. In addition, he took another 14 year old girl to a church and slept with her there.

As you can imagine, Davis, from Vandergrift, Westmoreland County, is in serious trouble as he is now facing a string of charges, including statutory rape, witness intimidation, and corruption of minors.
Joseph Gray. a Vandergrift Police Officer  told KDKA reporters: “There were some ritualistic issues from the summer and fall of last year, some blood-letting where victims [juveniles] cut their own wrists, and Davis would take their blood in his mouth and vice versa”
In Davis’ defense, he says that the blood letting and sampling is all part of Mabinogi, a poular online role-playing game.
Davis is currently out on bail of £32,000 and will be due in court on July 7.

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