Do You See Anything Wrong With This Photo Of A Father Carrying His Step Daughter This Way?


A seemingly innocuous fun photo has put his followers up in arms because of what many consider as the inappropriate position of his hand in the little girl’s anatomy

Going through his Instagram page, opinions are divided with many calling the rapper ‘sick’, and Flacko has been defending himself nonstop.

The comments are written in bastardised English, but I was able to deduce the general sentiments, which is that of disapproval.

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  1. Mumu even if she’s 5years old you should know were to put your hand and were not to if you want to carry her as a responsible man.

  2. Nothing is wrong wiv it Niger pple focus on ur attention on how we can all solve societal problems not this

  3. Whether this is falz or fish he is somewhere making his money so in a way he is not completely affected not be distracted

  4. how sure this post is not trying to fool us.. i doubt that girl is his daughter. pls lets stop this crap is just a pics the poster wants to attract people’s judgement…kai naija people!!!

  5. Black is Still Black! That’s the little girl’s private p!no one is allowed to go around there!dohU0001f44c…………..

  6. I did nt see any wrong in this, BT Pple ar looking it from there dirty mind side. Remember the family r having a nice tym in a pool. The picture was spotted probably wen the man was trying to put the girl inside the pool

  7. well as for me there is nothing wrong with it…if its naija pple dey will say is very bad, but for American pple dey took it for nothing its normal for dem.

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