Drama as Sharp Nigerian Guy Gives Female Student Of AKSU N1,000 After They Had S℮x In Uyo After They Agreed N20,000


This all happened in front of University of Uyo’s Main Gate..

Apparently, a man who picked up a “Lady”, a student of Akwa Ibom State University took her to a bar, treated her to all sorts of food and drinks worth N10,000… and then they had a “good time” overnight..

After the whole fun and fornication, they both left the “hotel” where they used, and then the dropped the lady off in front of University of Uyo’s Main gate… and handed her N1,000!… that was were the problem started!

Read Below the Full Gist, as reported by InsideUyo, including a video that follows:

Location: Main Gate
Coman hear #AprokoMatter
These people have been blocking our main gate for about an hour now. The crowd is increasing.
Wetin happen?

The man took aunty out to “Me-Lounge” last night, bought drinks worth N10,000, took her home where they had a “good time”.
This morning he drops her off with a token of N1000 as appreciation.

Na there the wahala start.
The babe said the N1000 he gave her “came as a shock on her”.”Uncle, ordinary 1k? U no dey see my top, my shoes? D 1k ain’t even enough to take her back to her base in PH”
Just like that o, uncle started ranting and vibrating: “That’s all I have for
you as “appreciation”
He claims he didn’t even “do” because he had asthmatic attack after flipping-on the “raincoat”??

Aunty is saying her money is N20k and that’s the cheapest she charges – (Ahhh, see oil money! So the business is that lucrative?)

She’ll not leave his car until he pays in full – 20k cash, says she’s from AKSU and she doesn’t care cos nobody knows her face here. She must collect her pay.

So we are here begging her to collect the 3k (Uncle has reluctantly added an extra 2k).
Others are blaming the Uncle, asking him to add “something” to it.
If you can make it here quick, please come to main gate and Coman join a begging group.

Group A thinks the babe should just collect the 3k.
Group B thinks the man should add something to it.

Watch the video:


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