Emeka Ike Releases List Of Nollywood Producers Who Sleep With Actresses – The List Will Shock Many


Controversial Nollywood actor Emeka Ike has stirred up another controversy again. The Imo State born actor spilled some messy beans troubling Nollywood. The fearless actor, who had serial battles with the embattled president of Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) Ibinabo Fiberesima revealed to journalist five names of movie producers who sleep with actresses for roles. According to Mikeangelonws.com, Emeka Ike said:

“There are five people who have taken the laws of Nigerian movie industry into their hands. They are:

1. Emma Ogugua

Emeka Ike Releases List Of Nollywood Producers Who Sleep With Actresses – The List Will Shock Many 1

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  1. not only producers are guilty of this crime. politicians, employers of labour and lecturers are all guilty. we need need fear of God in all we do and remember we have sisters and daughters too. wat goes round comes round.

  2. I dnt understand y a celebrity lyk u will keep on embarrasing urselfs @ falhs d bad guy and emeka ike……it an ayesore to nollywood… Rubbish

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