END TIMES!! See This Mom Looking For A Gay Partner For Her Son Via An Advert


A loving Indian mother had to place an advert in a newspaper seeking for a partner for her gay son.

END TIMES!! See This Mom Looking For A Gay Partner For Her Son Via An Advert 1

A loving Indian mother has taken steps to get a partner for her gay activist son, Harish Iyer, by placing an advert in a newspaper, reports Hindustan Times.

Normally, the advert would have been a noble and a loving step from a mother but the snag is that India has a law against gay marriage which was promulgated in 2013 when the country’s Supreme Court ruled that ‘carnal intercourse’ interpreted as gay s*x, is punishable with anything up to a life sentence.

The mother who is worried that her son who is a world renowned gay rights activist based in Mumbai and has been mentioned in Guardian’s list of 100 Most Influential LGBT people in 2013, may not find a partner and so, she had to run the advert that reads:

‘Seeking 25-40, well-placed, animal-loving, vegetarian, for my son (36, 5’11”) who works with an NGO. Caste no bar.’

Harish Iyer himself said of his mother:

“My mother is like any other mother. She wanted to find me a partner and help me settle down. It became news only because I was looking for a man instead of a woman.”

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