Father Shoots His Three Children to Discipline Them (Photos)


A father was arrested and charged for attempted murder, domestic battery and child abuse after he allegedly shot his 3 children with a gun as a form of discipline, police in West Virginia said.

Weirton Police said that they have arrested 35-year-old Joseph Majewski, after being accused of using his Baretta gun to discipline his children.

The incident happened Monday morning when the kids failed to wake up and get ready for school after he allegedly woke them earlier. Mr. Majewski was said has have gone berserk at the apparent lack of discipline and reached for his pistol. He was alleged to have shot the two older kids on the leg and the last baby on the buttocks.

He claimed that it was accidental but was charged with child abuse causing serious bodily injury and domestic battery after neighbours had gun shots and called police.

Police arrived to discover the gruesome scene although Majewski has earlier called for an ambulance

His children, ages 6, 9, and 13, were taken to the Weirton Medical Center for treatment after suffering from gun shot wounds in the legs and buttocks.

Majewski says that he was not shooting to kill but to give them disciplinary wounds so they would behave. He is currently in jail and has been referred to a mental assessment in a state run asylum

Father Shoots His Three Children to Discipline Them (Photos) 3 Father Shoots His Three Children to Discipline Them (Photos) 4

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