Femi Falana Finally Speaks On Why He Let His Son, Falz The Bahd Guy Leave Law For Music


Many people may not know that Nigerian rapper, Folarin ‘Falz’ Falana is a lawyer and both his parents are also lawyers.

His father, renowned lawyer and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, has explained the reason why parents should allow their children choose their desired career path rather than imposing their own choice on them.

According to The Leadership, Femi Falana spoke on his son’s decision to pursue music despite studying law in England, stating that Falz approached him, saying he was tired of practicing in the legal profession which as expected left him surprised.

Eventually Femi Falana tried to understand the idea behind the decision, but Falz however could not get his mother to understand the idea.

In conclusion, here’s Mr Femi Falana’s advice to parents on allowing their children follow their dreams.

“Don’t force any course on your children; don’t insist that they must be doctors or lawyers. My son Folarin, who was working in our chambers, came to inform me one day that he wanted to leave. I said I could find him a place in one of my friends’ chambers. But he said no, ‘I’m going to be a musician’. When I asked why, he convinced me but he couldn’t convince his mother because she’s also a lawyer. Today, he’s doing well as a musician and not as a lawyer. So let’s debate with our children to know what they want to do.”

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