Full Result (Master Sheet) Leaked!! Get in Here to See the Result in all 36 States & Meet your New President


Master sheet of the On going Presidential Election just got leaked from INEC officials.. Photo Below:



So APC WON! Buhari is therefore your new president. This is the Original result.. Anything else at the end of the day means the Election was Rigged!

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  1. Y r u people so ready to cause a problem?????? U know dat Dis result u pasted is wrong,but becos u r bent on causing war,u have gone ahead to put that any other result apart from this is a fake meaning that d election was rigged,how did u get d result????? Is jega ur father?????? Don’t cause problems o!!!!!!!!!!

  2. U guys r very wicked u want to cause war shabi. If u see war can u stand. U don’t even knw how 2 calculate election results as big as u are pls delete dis rubbish b4 something u will regret for ever will happen 2 u. Den u will knw me. Stupid. Is ur father jega or is ur dad buhari. U must be very stupid. I pity u

  3. U want to cause gbege with this your so called result, is it from inec? or from jega?this is just a warning that you should careful about what you post before you land in hot soup.


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