Very Funny:- APC Brought Ebola To Lagos – PDP


In a shocking new development, following the APC’s attack on the attempted assassination of one of its party leaders, General Buhari, the PDP has fought back by accusing the APC under the western leadership of Tinubu of ‘bringing the Ebola virus to Lagos’.

Speaking to FNN, PDP spokesman Oliseh Metuh said, “this is their new plan to con terminate the hands of PDP members come 2015 so they are trying to do all possible to make sure they win but they will not succeed”.

Speaking further, Metuh said, ” in fact I have concrete proof and evidence to support my claim, you can check you tube, just because a PDP member was openly shouting that the Apapa Oshodi expressway was blocked when Fashola visited the place, the next morning CDC had quarantined the guy saying he now has Ebola, which kind Ebola? Enh? Is it Ebola of the mouth? “.

In a reacting statement, APC press secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed responded saying, ” and this Metuh boy had to respond while am still fasting, don’t worry I will soon break the fast, come back on tuesday and receive my statement, Maybe by then he’ll (Metuh) have Ebola since he’s been shaking those corrupt PDP leaders, GEJ is not excluded”.

Source:- Na Joke O

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