Get Familiar:- Rebel – Here 2 Party (The Ep)


This is exclusive! Rebel is back again & got some hot stuff coming!.

Rebel is the New Female Rap sensation out of Africa. She’s Been making waves Online, Radio and Live Concerts from Nigeria to Ghana..

Rebel Performing
Rebel Performing

Rebel has some New Projects, And All she has to say about it. Find out more below:-

The rapidly up & coming rapper singer and songwriter Patricia, Commonly Known as her stage name, Rebel, has been from pillar to post in the last year dropping a Mixtape on the 15th of December called “Stolen Grace” which got radio stations and Bloggers calling in.

Rebel Live on Air in Ghana
Rebel Live on Air in Ghana


She’s been to several performances in and outside Accra since then and is now working on new projects. Yes, “Projects”.

She tells Media Hoarders,

“After my mixtape I took a break, not really though, exams followed right after but from the tense and tiring work and stress from the studio and going from show to show, cause as you may know balancing school and a career isn’t the easiest thing to do.

I’ve anyways got a lot planned for this year.
I’ll be dropping an Ep in December. This album will have original tracks as well as covers.
And then I’ll be dropping a documentary in April. And working on a clothing line for March. I and my team working together to achieve all of this, and with God helping it will all be successful.
I will also be in some photo and video shoots. Videos for an RnB song titled “The Moment”. And many others. And there is also going to be a clothing line and a documentary for April and March no specific dates, but they’ll be coming. Would be launched in Accra and should get to Nigeria soon.
The clothing line is Rebel Army, dropping 3 concepts from its closet, called “Stoner Days”,  “More Head Less Brain”, and “Flash On”

And the documentary is going to be telling you who I am, cause when people hear there’s a new musician in the market, the first question is who is rebel? And I could answer it on a song and say a few stuff but nothing could drive it home as much as a documentary. So it’s called who is rebel. And it’s going to contain me, and my daily basis.

I think this question has come to me more than once or twice. Who are you signed under?
I thought it’d be evident by now though.
The lion head? With the crown? No? Haha
It’s no really a music label. It is. But much more complicated than that.

Sure I’d tell  you about it.
First of all it’s called “Prime Entourage”.
It’s an art label. Signing on and training, Musicians, Dancers, Song Writers, Producers, and so many more art induced acts. It’s a beautiful community for arts. It’s not so huge right now, but I’ve looked at the blue print and man… In no time. It’s a huge change and it’s also what the arts need.

What’s going to be different on this album is so much, uhm first of all, it’s called “Here 2 Party” there’s a lot more grown up stuff happening in this, all new experiences, a couple of love songs and a very huge surprise that nobody would be expecting. Won’t be telling either. You should wait on it in December.

When Asked about the Ep release date, Here was her response..

No. No specific dates yet
But the specification of dates would come before release..

There you have it, Anticipate for Good Music.

Get Familiar:- Rebel - Here 2 Party (The Ep) 1 Get Familiar:- Rebel - Here 2 Party (The Ep) 1

Rebel on set for her video shoot.
Rebel on set for her video shoot.

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