“God is Love, We Are Not Ashamed Of Our Love” – Gay Pastor and His Partner Says


Pastor and Founder of Christ Temple Ministries, Washington, D.C. – Peter Sean Scie shared photos of himself and partner Bryan, on Facebook, declaring their love for one another.

“God is Love, We Are Not Ashamed Of Our Love” – Gay Pastor and His Partner Says 1

“God is Love. God shines through Love. We are not ashamed of our Love. If you have what we have, you know how we feel. ~pastor p. & sir bryan.


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  1. ohh! what a life….this is very lugubrious,dismal,abysmal for the image ,reputation of a nation and people God succour the nations

  2. God forbid he’s not God servant doesn’t he knows the scriptures says A Man will leave his home and Cleve to a woman not a man and they will become one

  3. This is absolutely madness..the bible has said it that when d world is coming to an end thing DAT has never been happening before will start happening …i just think dat d world is about to come to an end

  4. U0001f602U0001f602U0001f602 no offence tho, what bible are they reading and preaching from U0001f602U0001f602U0001f596U0001f64cU0001f64aU0001f60f so epic, it funny!

  5. This is misconception of God’s love is not like that in d WORD OF GOD….there4 may the LORD GOD in his infinity mercy 4GIVE U….nd to those u might ve led astray

  6. Its ur choice, but Y make it public. Totally disgusting, plz dnt ever drag God in2 ur shameful venture. Be guided.

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  8. Thunder fire all of una …. Why can’t you mind your life and let other people live their own the way they want?? Who are you people to tell me how to live my life?? Nonsens

  9. All round foolishness, please tell me, is one of u not acting like a woman in ur so called rship, y not act as men,? Y pretend to be a woman. Little wonder d Bible says my pple perish for lack of knowledge. Both of u should act as men to urself and see if it will work out well. Men please be Men.

  10. the madness of them getting married no reach the standard, na the mumu people way still they go the church na him crase they worry


  12. Does he calls himself a pastor, then l will suggest to him that he should read his bible again because he’s been deceived by the devil.

  13. Yes she is judging them.. If u r one of them I will judge u too.. God condemn it so I will condemn it too

  14. Henry, if u r one of them.. Then I will not keep quiet, it’s an abomination unto God.. So thunder won’t fire me but them

  15. He claims He’s a pastor… m pretty sure he didn’t read the sodom n Gomorrah story arc in the bible…. he if did know his Bible… he will definitely know that what He’s doing is an abomination n claiming He’s a “pastor” is double trouble… ma God can’t behold iniquity…… m very sure he doesn’t read the Bible I read… Cuz the last time I checked being gay is an abomination…

  16. You guys claim to know d bible so well but skip d part which says thou shall nt judge …… Don’t do God’s work for him, he can do it better n he z always right…stop insulting them ooo

  17. Sometimes we speak to God the way we can’t speak to our parents a comedian used it as a joke but its the truth and i do not think that’s kul and am not in support of these gay is#my opinion

  18. So you would let your guy get married to a man??? Unless you are gay I don’t think you would #my opinion

  19. God neva Accepted same sex relationship.GOD made adam nd eve nt adam nd joe..wen u read ur bible wel,u wil knw dt dtz wah made God destroy sodom nd gomorra

  20. Sylvia said “IF GOD CAN ACCEPT IT (mockery) being gay, den he owe SODOM & GOMORAH apology for destroying dem, do you undastand wot she meant now

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  22. Total madness just, everyone loves to claim the loving part of God and forgetting that he’s holy too and his holiness calls for punishment of sin, among which homosexuality is…..#better repent…!!

  23. Sylvia Frema Mantey this pple are doomed already but God is a merciful God ! He is not striking them down because he is giving them room to repent! But i warn u to desist from talking about God that way! He is the almighty and no one can question him!

  24. Well Henry from ur statement u sound like a gay too! Pls repent if u are! Bcos ur case will be worse than Sodom and gomorah

  25. If God allows homosexuality to reign back den y do u nor see gay and lesbian everywhere u go ehn u sons of d devil in fact a.m. sure even d devil is ashamed and he will reject at d gate of hell so will God at d gate of heaven useless vagabon

  26. they deserved more than insult my dear for using the church and the name of God to achieve their stupid selfish interest…

  27. sister learn how to be more polite, most especially when talking to God Almighty.. cause he’s the master of all universe, and nobody has the right to question him neither speak to him in such a harsh and aggressive manner ok…..@Sylvia

  28. This is shitty, even Satan himself is not gay.. He appeared as a male unclad to naked eve and not naked Adam


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