Goodluck Jonathan Wins Nasarawa State [Full Official Result]


GEJ wins Nasarawa state as announced by Prof. Findadi VC of Federal University, Lokoja, who is RO for Nasarawa state
AA – 40
ACPN – 95
AD – 74
ADC – 105
APA -310
APC – 236, 838
CPP – 131
HOPE – 4
KOWA – 48
NCP 0 222
PDP – 273, 460 (PDP wins)
DPN – 164
UPD – 23
UPP – 33

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  1. Not surprised. Every few years, the govennmert raises the prices of gasoline, a strike ensues, then the governemnt rolls back the prices 60-75%. Prices are still higher than they were before, but everyone claims victory, and moves on.As mentioned in EcoTretas link, gasoline tourism is popular in Nigeria too. Trucks from Ghana, Niger andthe Cameroons cross the border, and buy Nigerian subsidized fuel.I have lived in both Nigeria and Iran. The fuel subsidy is deeply entrenched in both countries, but non more so than Iran. Nigeria is slowly weaning itself off, through these types of actions.In my opinion, that is what will finally topple the mullahs in Iran, when the cost of subsidies are no longer sustainable.. Or start a theatre wide war. One or the other.


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