Help Needed: Is It OK for a Couple to Have Sex in Front of Their 7 Months Old Daughter?


From a female MH reader…

I and my husband have been married for just a year and we have a seven months old daughter. She sleeps on the same bed with us because she is restless and cries a lot when she’s put in her cot. The thing is, each time we want to make love, she wakes up and watches keenly. I feel very uncomfortable about it but my husband doesn’t seem to mind. Please is this OK??

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  1. No child is too small. If she watches keenly, you could keep her in her cot in the parlor until you’re done. Otherwise, do it some place else.

  2. sex seems to be a natural things in life that’s why she watches keenly, more so, that little girl may think both of you are fighting each other…………. the fact is she will soon forget all she saw but I will till advice that you do when she sleep


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