How My Boyfriend I Loved So Much Beat Me Blue-Black on Valentine’s Day – Actress Ginika Maureen


As they say, different strokes for different folks and what better way to serve you potpourri of  St Valentine’s confessions than real confessions from real people who had real experiences that have remained indelible in their hearts. For these entertainment divas, their different stories are sweet and sour:

Sexy Nollywood actress who has just done her latest film ‘Born Again Sisters’ is one of the people who do not look to St. Valentines day with much relish because the day brings to her mind so much dread and fear. The last and only one she celebrated, according to her, ended in disaster.

“ The Val I will never forget was the one  my ex beat me blue and black because I answered a call. A toaster called me and was wishing me happy Val with my ex listening. It was  in the car he gave me the first slap. Next, he took me home and gave me the beating of my life and it was bad that.

I couldn’t do anything. He left me in the house, went out and later came back with a girl. All the Val gifts he bought for me he gave them to her. It was  so bad that I cried all day. Till date I don’t know what Val is, because I hate Valentine’s days” she narrated gloomily.

“It made me hate my ex and also hate the thing called love.  I am single now. Believe me my dear, that was the very first Val I was celebrating with him and it turned out to be something else. I don’t think Val day means lovers’ day, to me, it is beating day” she added.

How My Boyfriend I Loved So Much Beat Me Blue-Black on Valentine's Day - Actress Ginika Maureen 2

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