How Smoking Kills Your Fertility & Ability To Have Children


According to a popular Infertility specialist, Dr. Ranjana Dhanu, Consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist, Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, highlights the ill effects of smoking on the fertility of couples who are anxious to conceive.

Several studies have shown that smoking affects both partners considerably, and that passive smokerssuffer a substantial risk as well.

Here’s how smoking affects the reproductive systems of women:
• Menstrual and ovulatory dysfunction.
• Pre-mature menopause.
• Implantation defects and a higher risk of miscarriages.
• Genetic defects in the baby.
• Growth retardation and premature birth of the baby.
• In extreme cases where pregnant mothers continue to smoke during pregnancy, there is a substantial risk of foetal death in-utero.

Most of the above mentioned ill-effects are due to nicotine and reduced oxygenation of tissues.

Here’s how smoking affects the reproductive systems of men:

Studies conducted at fertility clinics across the globe suggest that smoking affects sperm motility, penetrability and reproductive capacity by causing an alteration in the DNA and the genetic makeup of the person, thereby contributing to a rising incidence of infertility in men. Some men may also suffer erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation along with reduced sperm count as a result of smoking.

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