How This Guy Caught A Driver Mas.tur.bating While Driving On The Road


The rate at which people involve in this masturbation immortality is quite alarming.

OK the story goes like this:

Like 2 to 3 years back I was walking down the road I just noticed this pure water P-Cup van it was mowing very slow and heading my direction
I was like this driver ”no dey see abi waiting dey worry am ”

When the van got closer I noticed that the driver was looking down with one hand controlling the van and the other one down wards.

So I stopped to know what was distracting his attention to my surprise when the van got closer I notice he was doing something down there I was like this can’t be what am thinking so I went closer and I was surprised to see the whole junior out, the man was totally enjoying his thing I was confused and I just left the place

Same thing happened 3days ago I went to the market to get some stuffs so I stopped by a shop and I was like where the owner of this shop dey.

So I hear a voice from the inside of the shop asking me what I want to buy, so I try to find out ‘who dey talk’, so I saw someone whose cloth is up and he was trying to drag up his trousers he did not want to come out, he never wanted me to know what he was doing but I had to call him out and to my greatest surprise, this old man had a can of Vaseline in he’s hand and her was dragging his trousers.

I was like waht ! This old man too?

Am just confused and I really want to know why people masturbate even the married ones.

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