How To Get Loan of N1 Million or More Without Collateral In Nigeria

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Hi, My name is Sir. Chukwubueze Michael Obinna (Mr. Achiever).. I’m a notable business consultant and business opportunity coach and the Director CMO DIgital Network Nig. (duely registered with CAC). I spend large chunk of my time researching opportunities that will be helpful to Nigerians. As a result, I have uncovered several hot and proven business opportunities one can run from home and generate good monthly income.

Right now I wish to show you a new secret I just discovered on how you can get loan more than N1 Million without collateral right here in Nigeria and repay within two and also contact phone number and address of Top Nigeria Philanthropist that are looking for creative Nigerians with good business proposal and Idea.

Stop Suffering In Silence!

Do You Need Capital To Start Your Dream Business?

Do You Need Capital To Grow Or Expand Your Business Idea?

As a Student, Do You Need Money To Finance Your Education?

Do You Need Capital To Invest In Real Estate/Landed Investment?

Do You Need Money To Support Your Business or Career?

If Your Answer Is YES,

Then You Are In The Right Place!
We can Help you in Two(2) ways:

LTLi offers its members a Low INTEREST, NO COLLATERAL LOAN for business and personal needs. We have realized that business minded ones are easily attacked with start-up capital which will lead to termination of such dream/idea. LTLi, is so much interested to engage our members to be actively involve for an economic gain and flourishing in what they do. Do you have any financial challenge? or your business has been suffering because of lack of money, maybe your dream is to set up a new business or you simply wants to expand your existing one, we are here for you. We empower your business; we give you the best assistance to your business and help you to achieve your dream. Whether you are a Rookie in the business world or a professional, we believe you need more money to fulfill your financial goal and that is where LTLi steps in, to help you with Collateral FREE and Low Interest LOAN. Generally, we offer a give-away loan to any active member you has succeeded in completing the Level 3 of Stage 1. This special loan offer is to encourage your business and show you our outmost concern to see you succeed. Once you’re qualified, write to and make your request and a response will be given to you under 48 hours.

You can access our Loan for Business or other personal purposes from us Directly As A Venture Capitalist,

if your business falls within the sector listed below:

1. Property/Real Estate

2. Oil & Gas

3. Healthcare/Hospitals

4. LPO Financing

5. School

6. Education

7. Any Other Exceptionally Profitable Business or Idea


i. Visit (Sponsor: achiever87) and Join The Family. ii. Check your email box and confirm the registration. ii. PAY the membership Registration fee of $50 (N8,250) and your account will be activated.

11. Become an active member of Lets Touch Lives International for 1 months to qualify for the LOAN.

111. Request for Loan application form and follow the instruction.


Now your Business capital, Fundraising and Financial problem is solved! This INSTANT LOAN KIT contains Information on;

1. Where to Get Quick Cash for Any Purpose within 24-48 Hours!

2. A No Interest Organization That Can Give You Loan for Any Purpose without Collateral.

3. NGOs In Nigeria Who Are Ready To Finance Your Viable Business Plan

4. Philanthropists in Nigeria and Abroad Who Are Ready To Finance Your Business or Education.
Some Of Them Don’t Even Require You To Pay Back The Loan!
5. Government Programs Aimed At Assisting The Citizens

6. How To Get Loan Without Collateral From A Bank

7. Physical Contacts, Phone Numbers And Email Addresses Of Each Of The Loan Givers And Financiers

8. How To Apply To Them In Order To Be Approved

9. Phone Numbers Of Their Managers Or Administrators

10. A Free Guide To Writing An Irresistible Business Proposal


We are helping Nigerians to get Loans for any purpose. This is a once in a life time opportunity to be honest, serious and responsible Nigerians who are looking for business capital or money for other legitimate purposes. Why not stop looking for loan where you are given impossible requirements?

Join the next set of Nigerians to get Loans without collateral. As of this moment, many Loans have been granted already to finance different categories of business just from one of these firms. You can pay back little by little, in installments, within a period of one to two years or even three. As a matter of fact, you can get over 5 Million Naira Loan or More in your subsequent application; if you have paid the first loan faithfully. People applying for house/property loans can get much bigger loans.

Do you really want to make it big this year? Are you actually looking for money to start a business this year? If yes then get THE INSTANT LOAN KIT! We have put together a comprehensive kit about these great and outstanding organizations, financiers and loan givers here in Nigeria that can assist enterprising Nigerians who want to do business and those that need money for other pressing needs. They will assist you with a Loan without collateral to kick start your own business or solve your problem. This is surely an open door to Unlimited Wealth.


* Finance the start up, growth or expansion of your business

* Buy/Build your own house

* Buy landed properties

* Renovate your house/property

* Pay House rent

* Pay School fees

* Pay your Debt

* Any other reasonable purpose

For the first time in the history of Nigeria, you can now scale the hurdles that have kept you from realizing your goals. This gives you great business opportunities and leverage. It has never been this easy!


* Flexible payment plan

* No stringent rules/requirements (it is easy!)

* Interest free (in most cases)

* No collateral required

* 2 to 3years repayment access

This is a rare opportunity you can’t afford to watch pass you by.

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